by: Jennifer Vela

Why I named my Utopia HiverGel:

I chose this name because I wanted my society to be/ represent a cold place. I named it HiverGel because in french 'hiver' means winter, and 'gel' means frost. Creating the name WinterFrost in english.

Declaration of Independence

We the people of HiverGel do believe that success, as well as happiness comes from ourselves. We have the choice to either have a good or bad day. We truly believe that there is something good in everyday. That we need those bad days to help us to appreciate the good ones. We believe that being happy is the best way to truly enjoy life to the fullest. As citizens of HiverGel, we have the responsibility to make HiverGel a better place, starting with out attitudes.

We Hivergelians, truly believe that violence is never the answer. We will try our best to remain at peace, and try many different ways to bring peace, before we take action. However, we will fight if our society is in danger.

Utopia Motto and Seal:

Live now, Worry later.

Utopian Animal

The animal for HiverGel is the flamingo. Even though flamingos are more of a tropical animal, here in HiverGel, we have raised them well enough to make them be perfectly fine with the weather. Flamingos are our animal because not only are they pretty, but because they are very unique animals. Since they are very peaceful animals, they rarely fight between each other. Reminding us, the HiverGelians, that violence is never the answer. Last, flamingos are birds that don't do well in very small flocks. They prefer to travel in big flocks, for protection, and sticking together. Showing our society that we do better if we all care and love one another.

List of Rules

  • 1.Everyone is equal. In the sense of having equal rights and equal treatment.
  • 2.Everyone has the right to life.
  • 3. There are no social classes.
  • 4.No one is ever forced to do something against their will. (with the exception of going to work and school)
  • 5.Everyone has to respect each other.
  • 6.Everyone has a purpose to the society.
  • 7.Everyone is paid the same amount per hour.
  • 8.Four days of the week need to be spent with family, friends, doing something fun, resting, etc.
  • 9.Each HiverGelian has a right to one wish in their life. (With the exceptions of: death, killing, violence ,war, taking over the society, wishing for more wishes)
  • 10.Always try to see the positive side.

Governing Body

The governing body is ruled by a democracy.It is made up of a main person, that is supported by other representatives. They make decisions depending on what's best for the civilians, as well as with the help of the voice of the civilians.

Invitation to Friends

We the HiverGelians are open to having new people in our society. We would love to get to know them better, as well as show them around our society.

Journal Entries

Day 1: Student

-Today we're having a small party in our class because we all passed a test! I'm getting ready to go to school in a couple of more minutes, but I decided to write this entry in my journal because I thought it was a very important day to remember. Dad also said we were gonna go eat all together as a family to celebrate. I can't wait, I'll write how my day went later on.

Day 2: Random Citizen

-Yesterday was an amazing day. I had so much fun. I first went to hang out with a few old friends of mine. We weren't talking very much at first, but once we continued to talk, we all started to laugh and we started to remember the good times we used to have all together. After that, I went to the movies with my friends, went to go get dinner, and finally, I went home really tired, but had an amazing day.

Day 3:Worker

-Today I am getting ready to present a big presentation for me. It's about a project I've been working on for the past 2 months. I hope everyone likes it, and hope I don't get as nervous as how I am feeling right now. Since I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Daily Itinerary

Around 9-10am = People get ready to go to work/ school

Around 2-3pm= Students/ workers return home

4 to 5 pm= people may do their own activities. Such as: sports, entertainment, etc.

6 to 7 pm= Activities may still be going on. While others can choose to eat dinner at this time or have a small meal/snack.

8 to 9= Everyone should have had eaten dinner by this time.

10 to 11= People should be in bed/ getting ready to go to sleep.