Bio-Bottle Project

By Matthew P, and Gret Brukle


Decomposers will produce nutrients to plants, but they will also produce carbon dioxide. Things should even out.

Observation 1

Little Bobby (Guppy Fish) is dead, and decomposers are taking care of him. Haven´t seen any water beetles in awhile, but they may be hiding

Observation 2

Same as last, and still haven´t seen any water beetles

Observation 3

Still the same, but the decomposers are really getting at Little Bobby.

Observation 4

Still haven´t seen any water beetles and are guessing they´re dead. Hopefully this won´t effect anything.

Observation 5

Nothing has changed so far since we´ve declared the water beetles dead

Observation 6

Over the weekend one of the damselfly's came out of


shell and tried to stay above the water, but couldn´t. We put some sticks in there for the other one

Observation 7

The other damselfly is doing well

Observation 8

Last damselfly died.

Observation 9

Plants and snails are doing alright.

Observation 10

Same as before, not sure where the snail eggs went.

Niche Comic

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Food Web

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Carbon Cycle

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Nitrogen Cycle

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In conclusion, our bottle didn´t do so well. Once one thing died another one did. Though I think this shows how much things depend on each other. If one thing falls then so will a lot of others. So make sure you have the right elements, or else it won´t survive.