Synopsys Science Fair 2017

Congratulations to all selected Merryhill Participants and Parents!

Here is information about the Championship..........

The annual Synopsys Championship showcases students in the Santa Clara County of California who will become our future scientists, technology experts, engineers, and mathematicians. This regional competition celebrates achievement by middle and high school students supported by their parents, teachers, and schools.

Through the annual Fair competition, hundreds of the area’s students are challenged to go beyond their classroom studies to do independent project-based research. They work independently or in teams to address questions in the fields of Computer Science, Environmental Science, Medicine & Health, Chemistry, Biology, and a half dozen other categories.

The Synopsys Championship is affiliated with the Society for Science & the Public, and selects projects which go on to compete and win in other state and national competitions, including the prestigious Intel International Science & Engineering Fair. But whether or not a student wins, every student is celebrated and encouraged by the hundreds of other attending students, parents, teachers, mentors, sponsors, judges, and members of the public.

The 2017 Synopsys Championship will be held Thursday, March 23rd at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California.

Students will present in Junior (6th – 8th grade) and Senior (9th – 12th grade) divisions in multiple areas of study. Fair participants are drawn from public, private, parochial and home-schools in Santa Clara County. The Awards Ceremony will be at the Campbell Heritage Theater on April 9th. Check back after the 2017 fair for more info.

SYNOPSYS CHAMPIONSHIP public viewing 5-6 PM Thursday March 23rd.

Why Enter the Championship?

  • All students have an opportunity to present their work to the public, other students, and some of the approximately 500 category and special award judges.
  • All participants receive a commemorative pin and certificate.
  • First place, Second place, and Honorable Mention merit prizes are awarded by SCVSEFA for projects in the Junior and Senior Divisions.
  • Selected Grand Prize recipients advance to an all-expenses-paid trip to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Los Angeles. May 14-19, 2017. link
  • Projects in the Junior and Senior Divisions are selected to be eligible to compete in the California State Science Fair in Los Angeles, April 24-25, 2017. link
  • Selected winners in the junior division are eligible to further compete in theBroadcom MASTERS Competition, October 2017 in Washington DC. link
  • Two projects in the Senior division will be selected to participate in the I-SWEEEP Olympiad 2017, late April in Houston, TX. link
  • In addition, over 60 area companies, private, professional and governmental organizations present Special Awards based on each organization’s criteria .

Merryhill Logistics

1. Fill in all the forms and return it to the teacher by Tuesday, January 3rd.

2. We will mail all the forms to Synopsys.

3. Not all projects are accepted.

4. They will come back with questions on the experiments.Students should be willing to revise their projects if required which may include redoing some trials or working on the board.

5.All final projects have to be taken to the venue on Wednesday, March 22nd. Ms.Shama and I will take care of that.

6. All students will be taken to the venue on Thursday, March 23rd around 1 pm by Merryhill vans.

7. Judging: 2 - 5 pm.

8. Parents can come to view all projects starting 5 pm.

9. Students cannot leave before 6 pm.

10. Take all the materials from the viewing hall.

Application Instructions

Please review the information in the 2017-handbook prior to completing the Application.

1) Complete Page 1 of the Application form ONLINE

This will include the project name and category, sponsor information, and student/parent info for each team member. You should have all information handy before completing the form as the form needs to be completed in one sitting. After you select the SUBMIT button at the end of the online registration, you will see a link to select the printout of the completed registration form.

Print out 2 copies of the completed online form. Save 1 copy for your personal records, and add the 2nd copy to pages 2–8 of the application (see step 2 below).

2) Complete 2017-Supplemental-Application form via Interactive PDF

This form should be filled in using Adobe PDF Reader, then printed out. Pages 2–4 allow interactive input, but 5–8 do not. Handwritten forms will not be accepted with the exception of signatures.

Save the completed Supplemental Application to your Computer using the SAVE AS command.

Print out 2 copies of the completed Supplemental Application form. Save 1 copy for your personal records, and add the 2nd copy to the additional application pages as needed (see steps 3 & 4 below).

3) Determine if you need any special forms for your project

Use this form Wizard at ISEF Website or review Forms Checklist (page 6 of Handbook).

Then gather and complete special forms.

4) Complete a Detailed Research Plan

Depending on your project, choose the Science Research Plan, Engineering Research Plan, Product-Testing Plan, or Human-Participants Research Plan

5) Each team member must complete both Student and Parent Consent forms (Form 1B, pp7-8) found within the Supplemental Application form.