dōTERRA Mother's Day gift ideas

It's not too late...orders can get to you in 2 days!

What to get???

Practical "Hand-made with Love" gifts are always warm and thoughtful (ideas & recipes below).

Or if you are short on time or not quite the DIYer some other options are the the beautiful seasonal scarf ($20.00) offered until next monthly only that comes with the 5ml of Ylang Ylang. OR choose the Petal diffuser ($47.00) and add a bottle of Lavender or Serenity to make any mom feel relaxed and cared for!

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If you want to place an order, set up your LRP to get some freebies as listed below:

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)?

I LOVE the Loyalty Rewards Program! I have received a lot of my oils for free because of it!

It’s basically a monthly subscription plan that allows you to earn free product credits. You choose whatever products you want, easily changed from month-to-month. doTERRA ships them automatically to you on a date of your choosing each month. AND you get free shipping credits! The Loyalty Rewards Program is an absolutely fantastic way to earn free products, while purchasing things you normally would anyway! It's free to join and you can cancel at any time. I highly recommend you watch this short video, it makes understanding the program very easy:
What is doTERRA LRP Loyalty Rewards Program

dōTERRA LRP details


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns you have...I'm here to help!

Jen Buonassi

if you have any questions or need alternate gift ideas, contact myself, Sara Buonassi or Angie Morales or the person who introduced you to dōTERRA for more details.