Most Influential Chinese Inventions

The Top Three! By Morgan Angove


The Chinese "knowledge about smallpox inoculation," learned before the first century C.E., led to vaccines. Thanks to them, we now have a great amount of vaccines for different diseases. Vaccines have saved us many times from deadly, and harmless, diseases. Additionally, the Chinese came up with the idea to steam clothes of the sick to prevent others from catching their disease. Now days people kill germs that cause diseases by boiling medical instruments because hot temperatures kill germs.


The Chinese inventing gunpowder changed the world. First off, it changed how we wage war. Instead of using swords and crossbows, people started using cannons and guns. Secondly, gunpowder is used to blast holes in mountains to make tunnels when building a railroad. It's also used for entertainment, like in fireworks and firecrackers.

Paper Money

Invented in the late 8th or early 9th century, paper money was printed on wood blocks by the Chinese. Before then, people only used coins, but now paper money is the most common form of currency today. We use it to pay for just about everything. Also, can you imagine having to carry around loads of heavy coins instead of having the convenience of paper money? It has greatly improved our economy.