St. Columba's Primary School


Father, I offer you all my thoughts and all my words.

All that I do, all that I enjoy, and all that I suffer today.

I pray that I may serve you faithfully, and do your will in all things.

For the love of you, and the love of my brothers and sisters,

Through Christ our Lord.


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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

The last couple of weeks have provided students with a solid school routine and the opportunity to be back socialising with their friends and peers. The school has had a very calm atmosphere that has enabled the students to settle into school and classwork well. Classrooms have been humming and it has been pleasing to see the students in such a happy environment. I would like to thank the school staff for the work they have put into making this happen for our students.

Next Week, School will return to a somewhat normal routine. Please note below:

Kiss and Drive

Kiss and Drive will return to normal ie for drop off, an 8:30am to 8:50am start in the morning, and in the afternoon for pickup, 3:05pm to 3:30pm.

Parent and Carer access

Parents and caregivers are allowed onto school grounds to drop off and collect their children. To ensure the 2m2 rule is adhered to, parents are asked not to enter classrooms at the beginning or end of the school day and are asked to leave the school grounds immediately after drop off and pickup and at all times to maintain social distancing. Parents and carers are not to be on the school grounds other than the front office during the school day.

Access during the day

Parents and Carers will advise the office staff that they are collecting their child and office staff will collect the child from the classroom while parents and carers remain in the school office.


We will not be holding any assemblies until further notice as we are limited to 100 people, including students, being able to attend.


Reports will be available at the end of this term. They will be in a modified form provided by CEWA and will report only on what has been taught. There will be parent/carer interviews in Term 3 for those families who would like to make contact with classroom teachers and discuss their child’s progress to date. If you have any concerns please remember that currently you may phone or email staff to clarify any issues you might have.

God Bless and stay safe

Allen McMahon


Merit award winners - Friday 5 June

Year 1G - Zara, Xavi

Year 1W - Peyton, Kyle S, Charlotte

Year 2G - Aiden L, Orlando

Year 2W - Matilda, Ari V

Year 3G - Ciara

Year 3W - Carmen, Isabelle

Year 4G - Amelie, Joshua

Year 4W - Eamon, Ruby, Sophie

Year 5 - Sienna, Marisa

Year 6 - Cerise, Hunter

NEXT WEEK Kiss & Drive and collection of children

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LifeLink Day launches 3rd June 2020.

Archbishop Costelloe has called on the Catholic community to join with him to help raise a minimum of $300,000 for people in real need throughout WA.

If you would like to donate to the 2020 Winter Appeal, please go to

St Columba’s Feast Day - Tue 9 June

We celebrate our Patron Saint St Columba’s.

The words on our crest ‘charity and peace’ reminds us of St Columba’s work to assist others and how we to can follow in his footsteps.

Saint Columba was an Irish monk who played an important part in spreading Christianity through Ireland and Scotland. He is known as Colum Cille or Columcille in Ireland. The name Columba is a Latin version of that name.

Columba died in 597 on Iona. After his death, leaders of the Christian church made him a saint. He is now one of Ireland’s three patron saints, along with Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid. His feast day is June 9.

Did you know?

· In 1936 St. Columba Church was built in South Perth.

· The name of our school was originally called Mount St. Joseph’s it changed to St Columba’s School in 1938.

Free dress next Fri 12 June

As part of our celebration of St Columba's Feast Day we're having free dress next Friday 12 June.

Wellness - looking a little different

"At St Columba’s we believe that developing wellbeing practices for the mind, body and spirit nurtures the growth of the whole child. By providing an environment in which wellbeing practices are fostered, students will develop a meaningful connection to God, a strong sense of self and a connection to the wider community.” (SCCPS Strategic Plan 2020-2022)

Wellness week will be looking a little different moving forward at St Columba’s. Instead of shinning a light on wellness once a term we would like to make this a consistent whole school focus; using various practices to support and nurture wellness within our school community.

The Waste Free Wednesday's initiative will now run each week and the no homework in week 6 will still remain for each term. We are also in the process of organising an annual ‘Wellbeing Framework’ that will run across the school. This will involve input from the current parent/carer, student and staff Wellbeing Committee.

Watch this space for more wellness information!

Waste Free Wednesday now every week

Remember - Waste Free Wednesday is now every Wednesday, to help create a more sustainable environment and community

Musician of the week

Isabelle from Year 3W is our Musician of the Week. Isabelle has played the violin for four years. She currently learns with her uncle. Her favourite piece of music is Gavotte.

Isabelle enjoys playing tennis outside. Her favourite animal is a Koala while her favourite colour is Green. She has two pets: a hermit crab and a fish.

By Edith and Kara - Music Ministers 2020

Choir and Ukulele Lessons

Voluntary Choir Years 4-6 is on Wednesday from 8.00-8.40am.

Voluntary Ukulele is on Wednesday lunchtime from 1.10-1.30pm.

Chamber Choir is on Thursday 8.00-8.40am.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.

Louise McDonald

Music Specialist

Scholastic Book Club - order by 8 June.

Closing date for orders for this month's Scholastic Book Club is 8 June. No cash accepted, all orders must be placed and paid for online.

Parish News from Monsignor Brian O'Loughlin

Redhage Basketball School Holiday Camp

School Term Dates 2020

Term 2: Wednesday 29 April to Friday 3 July

Term 3: Tuesday 21 July to Thursday 24 September

Term 4: Tuesday 13 October to Friday 11 December

Important Dates 2020

LifeLink Winter Appeal Launch - Wed 3 June

St Columba's Feast Day - Mon 9 June

Free Dress Day in celebration of St Columba's Feast Day - Fri 12 June