Alex Morgan

My Sports Role Model - By: Huda Siddiqui

General Information

Born: July 2, 1989

Died: Still Alive

From: San Dimas, California

Alex Morgan is a professional American soccer player. She is a Olympic gold medalist, and has won multiple awards. She is also a FIFA world Cup Champion! Morgan is one of the most youngest players on the team, she is only 26. :)

Challenges She Faced

One of the biggest challenges that she has faced was being the youngest player on the team. Even though she is the youngest she still is phenomenal, she has the skills. Morgan also has been an inspirational women, and sicks up for what's right. She also has written a book called "The Kicks" which talks about how girls should have confidence in themselves, and don't let anyone one put them down.
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Interesting Facts

1. Alex Morgan's dad had coached her rec. soccer team since she was young.

2. When Alex was 13 she changed from rec. soccer to club soccer.

3. Alex's club soccer coach directly said she couldn't make the team. Look where she is now!

4. Six months after she joined a different club soccer team the Cypress Elite team, Alex got a call from ODP (Olympic Development Program).

5. In the middle of a ODP game Alex tore her ACL in her knee and she had surgery, they gave her a cast, but she stilled played soccer. Nothing can bring her down!

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