By GennaRae

What are a meerkats enemies?

Meerkats normally have very small enemies,but sometimes they have large enemies. Their enemies are: Eagles, pyrmid ant, brown haired bunnies, chaco tourtise, scalloped hammer head, and white edged fresh water whipray. Although meerkats are very small animals, they can protect themselfs by living in packs. They can also protect themselfs by swiping at the enemie to hurt them.

What is a meerkats diet?

Although meerkats are mammals, they mostly eat insects. Meerkats eat: spiders, snails, small rodents, bird eggs,scorpians, beetles, termites, small snakes, and lizards. Meerkats are very picky on what they eat. They are very picky because some small rodents aren`t healthy to eat, and if something isin`t healthy to them they will not eat it. They are not going to eat you.

Do meerkats live in my backyard?

No,meerkats prefer warm and dry areas. They prefer warm and dry areas because whare meerkats are born is where they live for the rest of their life. Although they like warm and dry areas they also like open areas. They like open areas because they cannot be living in a tight space. Since meerkats do not live in your backyard at any time, you don`t have to worry.

What are some intresting facts about meerkats?

Did you know that females can weigh up to 720 grams? Males can weigh up to 731 grams. Meerkats live in groups or packs of 25, and that is why meerkats like open areas. If meerkats burrow with a mongoose, like they do occasionally, it is uncomfturble. They can also run up to 37 miles per hour.