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Week ending January 29, 2016

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Feb. 5 - Jamyn Williams

Happy Half Birthday to YOU!

July 30 - Amy Light

July 31 - Blake Neal

IMPORTANT: School Safety

There are always multiple cases of custody and other issues present on our campus. Only those who are directly affected are privy to the information. Just because you have not been informed, it does not mean that there are no issues present.

In order to keep all of our students and staff safe, please remember the following:

  • Students should never open a door for anyone.
  • All visitors should have badges on. If they do not, personally escort them back to the office.
  • At recess, please be cognizant of the borders of the playground. Are you evenly spaced to see all fences to ensure that no one is trying to contact the students?
  • When on the back parking loop, have you blocked off the area for the students? Have you placed at least one teacher near the exit?
  • When you exit or enter the building, please ensure that doors close all the way.
  • Do you know where your keys are to lock your doors in case of a lock down?
  • Do you know where to go with your students for a lock down if you are in the lab? In the library? In the hall?

All of these are precautionary measures to help ensure the safety of every dino. We appreciate your attention to detail and dedication to our students.

ELL Misconceptions

The Educational Leadership this month covered information regarding ELLs and helping them to succeed. I thought it was a great follow up to our SIOP training this month. Here is one article that I thought was a quick, helpful read.

Mark Your Calendar

Feb. 2, 4, & 5 - RtI Meetings

Feb. 3

Way to Go Wednesday Staff Meeting

Wylie Way Day: Grit Follow Up Mini Lesson

Feb. 8 & 9 - Checkpoints for 3rd & 4th grades

Feb. 10

Breakfast with Dads - 6:45 to 7:30 AM

Feb. 12

Shot Clinic - 6:30 to 8:30 AM

Dino Beat, K-2 Recognitions

Valentine's Day Parties

Jump Rope for Heart Event

Feb. 15

Staff Development Day - Agenda to be released next Smore.

Schedule for Checkpoints - Feb. 8 & 9

Below is the CAMP, lunch & recess schedule for checkpoints.
Big image

Schedule for Feb. 12

Due to DinoBeat & parties, we will adhere to the following schedule for Feb. 12.
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A message from Nicole

Hello Super Staff. This week at my principal’s meeting, Dr. Vinson played us a video. I will admit, halfway through the video, I was in tears. Not ugly tears, but just small tears…good tears. I think we have a hard job, heck I know we have a hard job. The most important job, but it is definitely NEVER easy. Nothing is easy when you throw in people and their many different needs, personalities, emotions, etc. Because we deal with some many kids and families, it is easy to get bogged down thinking about what we aren’t doing right instead of focusing on all that we ARE doing right for the little people in our world. And with those feelings, comes a loss of focus. This video is just something to make you feel good, to focus on the good. Regardless of if you like country music or not, the message is strong. Be humble and kind. Don’t forget that there are little people watching you every day, some of them looking up to you more than you’ll ever know. It was a good reminder to me to focus on the right stuff, and I hope it strikes a chord with you as well. Thank you for dedicating your life to people you didn’t birth and for showing them what it looks like to be humble and kind. :)
Tim McGraw - Humble And Kind (Official Video)