What are CSAs??

By Sunita Wassan

What does CSA stand for?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is a very popular movement across North America. It is a way to keep the consumption of fruits and vegetables local. A community supported agriculture farm is one that the several people in the community come together to support in order to share the risks and benefits in food production. The entire group comes together during harvest time to share the produce of that growing season.

Why is this good?

1. You are supporting local farms from your area, and there is no middleman. This means that there is nobody in between trying to make a profit off of the produce you are buying.

2. You know that the food is 100% fresh. You know that at these specific farms, harmful pesticides and GMOs are not present.

3. You know that the community is getting together to make sure this is completely environmentally friendly. Again, you can be guaranteed that the way your food is being produced is in a way that conserves the environment in every way possible.

Why is everybody doing it?

The main reason people decide that they want to start to participate in CSAs is because they want a healthy alternative to going out and just buying food from the local supermarket. This gives them an opportunity to be able to be a part of the risks and benefits of the year's harvest and get more involved in the conservation of the environment.

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