Brain Dominance

By: Isidro Vazquez

Brain Hemisphericity

Is the theory of having a dominant side to your brain. Left side making you a more critical thinker and logistic person, while the Right being a visual learner, artistic in a craft, talented person.
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My scores

The tests I took usually scored me to be more right side dominant, although it was a slight upscale from the left side, most test were similar score wise but was not consistent with a dominant side. I had 2/3 test score me right side dominant slightly ahead, and 1/3 test scored me left side dominant.
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In conclusion it seems my tests show that I can be somewhat ambidextrous when it comes to my way of rationalizing things in my life. I can agree to a certain degree because of the lack of diversity I possess. This can be good and bad, nevertheless it can be improved upon after having this assurance.
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