2nd Grade News

with Ms. Przedpelski

Another Week in 2nd Grade

Dear 2nd Grade Families,

I am very proud of how hard your students worked on our Unit 1 Benchmark Assessments yesterday and today. I will work on grading this as soon as possible so you can see their grade on FSA Connect.

As you are aware, lice made an appearance at FSA this week. We believe we have the lice situation under control. However, please continue to keep an eye out for signs and symptoms and check your child for lice each day through next week... just to be safe! We do not want to revisit this problem :)

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Important Information and Reminders

1. Pumpkin Projects went home yesterday!

This month your students should pick a book for their pumpkin book report project. This project will be due on Friday, October 30th. Students will read the book, write a book report/ story elements page for that book, and DECORATE A PUMPKIN to represent the main character (no carving allowed). Please see the pumpkin packet sent home yesterday for more details! :)

Just in case this copy did not make it home yesterday... there is a copy scanned into FSA Connect.

2. Reading Logs/Reflections:

We are starting a brand new month! Our students did a great job on their first month reflections. Usually, students are required to read and complete 3 reflections. This month... your child's Pumpkin Book Report will count as one of their reading reflections. They only need to complete TWO reflections in class this month. They can choose two of the following for this month:

- 1 Chapter Book

- 1 Nonfiction Book

- 1 Book of Choice

Our Reading Logs/Reflections will be due on the last day of October (Friday, October 30th). Please remember that your student should be reading at home every night! If your child reads all three of their books, I will make sure they complete their reflections in class by the end of the month... so please encourage your students to read at home!

3. Tutoring Days:

Tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be on an as needed basis. If your child has a below 80 average in a course or a failing grade for classwork/quiz/test in a certain subject, they will be asked to stay with me on certain days for tutoring. Each week we will be focusing on a different subject, so your child may need help in one subject but not in another. Because of this, tutoring will not be an every week thing. I will communicate with you to let you know if and when your child needs to stay with me this week.

4. FSAPS Weekly Newsletter:

Make sure you read our school newsletter this week to stay informed on all of the happenings at FSAPS. Please click this link this week's newsletter.


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We STILL need non-fiction books!

We have some fantastic readers in 2nd grade! It makes me one very happy teacher. Your students are so excited about the books we have added to our classroom library to choose from! If you have any books at home (especially nonfiction and chapter books) that you are no longer using, please consider donating them to our classroom library! I would greatly appreciate any and all books that we can collect to have more for our students to choose from each month for their Reading Logs & Reflections project.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week®, the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the nation, is your opportunity to get the ongoing conversation started. This year’s theme is

Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.® We will be having activities during this week to remind, educate, and ecourage our students that being healthy and drug free will help them reach their goals. There will be contests and special clothing days for the kids to enjoy. We will also have the school decked out to show our support and commitment to the Red Ribbon Campaign. We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week on October 26-30. More information is coming in October.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at skersey22@gmail.com

Shelley Kersey, PVO Secretary

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Extra Credit in SCIENCE Class!

Join tens of thousands of enthusiastic and excited adults, teens and kids as they gather in downtown Decatur, October 3-4 for the 5th Annual Maker Faire Atlanta … Send a picture of you at this event to ME for an extra 10 points on a Chapter Test :)

Please see this week's school newsletter for more information about this Maker Faire!

Home Visits

At FSAPS we do home visits. It is a wonderful opportunity for teachers and families to get to know one another. I enjoy home visits because it helps bridge the gap between home and school for your child. These are not mandatory, but if you are interested in having some of your child's teachers visit your home please continue to read...

How can you schedule a home visit?

Very simple. Please send an e-mail to our home visit coordinator, Mrs. Unal at junal@fultonscienceacademy.org and give us three available dates for your child's home visit program. We will get back to you and confirm a date. Depending on our teacher’s availability, at least two teachers will be together to visit our students and parents at their homes.

For any questions you have about this program, send an e-mail to junal@fultonscienceacademy.org. The best times to schedule a home visit are weekdays after 5:00 pm, and anytime during the weekends except Sunday mornings.

Important Dates to Remember:

October 6, 7: Summer Reading dress down days (you received an email from me if your child earned this!)

October 3-4: 4th Annual Maker Faire Atlanta

October 9: Spirit Day and Good Conduct Dress Down Day!

October 21: Picture re-take day

October 26-30: Red Ribbon Week

October 30: Hillcrest Orchards field trip (Grades 1st-3rd) - more info to come next week!

October 30: Pumpkin Book Report and Reading Logs and Reflections DUE

Curriculum Corner

Reading/Language Arts:

Your students took their Unit 1 Benchmark Assessments this pack week. Now we will be moving on to Unit 2: Working Together in our Reading Street text! This week our story is called Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends. This is an Literary Nonfiction story that tells about a true event of two does who are fearless friends to their owner. We will also begin talking about Cause and Effect, and r-controlled vowels.

Ms. P's Math Class:

On Monday your students will take their Chapter 2-3 combined test over addition and subtraction with or without regrouping. On Tuesday, we will review this test together and begin Chapter 4: Using Bar Models for Addition and Subtraction.

Ms. Minor's Math Class:

Students in Ms. Minor's class will begin Ch.5 focusing on bar models representing addition and subtraction problems. Students will work with manipulatives in class and also practice illustrating their own.


This week we are continuing with Chapter 2 Technology and Tools. We will be discussing examples of technology that we see and use in our everyday life. We will work together in small groups to create a new invention of our own! It will be a fun week during our Science lessons.

Social Studies:

This week we will continue Chapter 3: The World Around Us. We will begin learning the different parts of maps and how to read different types of maps. We will also learn how to use a compass.