By Emily S

What Category Is It In?

The drug Heroin is in the Narcotics group. Some other drugs in this category include codeine, morphine, and opium.

What Are The Slang Names?

Heroin has multiple slang names such as smack, junk, brown sugar, dope, horse, and skunk.

What Are The Effects Of Heroin?

There are many long, and short term effects for Heroin. Some short term effects include dry mouth, surge of elation ("rush"), warm feeling through the body, heavy arms and legs, slurred speech, narrow pupils, droopy eyes, and vomiting. The long term effects include liver disease, collapsed veins, infection of heart lining, lungs, liver, kidney, and brain.
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Additional Information

Heroin is also used as for medical uses as a pain killer. Another important thing to know about Heroin is that it is extremely addictive.

Where To Get Help

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Office

Pleasant Street, Concord NH

(603) 271-6100