Sun and Shadow

By Ray Bradbury

Overview of Short Story

This short story is about a man Ricardo whom's house was taken over by a photo shoot. He became overly angry and upset especially when they started taking pictures of his son. Ricardo became so angry that he continued to harass the photographers the extend he went was overboard.


The setting of this short story is in a poor town most likely spanish speaking country or community. Tone is very negative.


The conflict of this is that Ricardo doesn't want the people taking pictures and it makes him very upset and angry.Its external because of self conflicts going on all throughout. Quotes from Ricardo and camera man.

Plot Line

  • Man yelling at camera man
  • arguing about camera man leaving
  • camera man flashing camera
  • officer comes
  • man goes home and people cheer at him

Figurative language

"... Am I the only one with a tounge in my mouth? Page 4

I think that this quote is a metaphor because its basically saying why am I the only one saying something and noticing this issue?


I think the theme is about speaking up and not letting someone walk over you.