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On the Radar: Shared Calendar

A Google Calendar was established to help organize classes that are offered by Instructional Technology and Strategic Design coaches. If you are a Strategic Design coach and would like to add courses to this calendar so others have an awareness please contact any of the members of the Communication Team to give you editing rights.

Come check out the classes offered at Bolin to wrap up the first semester! Click here to see the catalog located on the 1:X site and encourage your teachers and staff to bookmark and check the site often. To make it easy, we link right to Eduphoria for quick sign up. There are so many good classes offered at any time but we have to have a viable number of participants to make it worthwhile. Help spread the word and share these valuable learning opportunities.

Spying for New Digital Tools: Kahoot!

We are always scouting out what teachers use in the classroom. Kahoot! is a super simple classroom response tool that makes it incredibly simple to build game styled interactions.
As always, new tools require vetting. Please let me know your thoughts on how well it works in our classrooms. Check it out at:

1:X Learning: Foundational Tools and Apps Page is Live

LISD has its first list of recommended apps. Called the Foundational Fifteen, apps are multi-purpose and can serve many grade levels. If you click on each of the apps, a box pops up that describes the app, it's Terms of Service and other important information that teachers will find valuable. It is our hope to update this list a couple of times a year as new apps become available.

Mansfield ISD iPad Summit - 2/19/2014

Instructional Technology will pay the registration costs and group travel expenses for five (first come, first serve!) Strategic Design Coaches and/or Library Media Specialists to attend the February 19th Mansfield iPad Summit. This is an opportunity to see a different approach to integrating iPads from one of our DFW neighbors. Please contact Bonnie Seaman to express interest in attending. You can read about the details on Mansfield's website.