Consumer Decision Making Assignment

Joey Foret

Consumer Decision Making

Need Identification- I went to Target one time to pick a CD from one of my favorite bands but I was dubious because I didn't have enough money.
Information Searching- I went online to read some of the reviews and I got discouraged due to the large amount of negative reviews from people who bought it.
Alternate Evaluation- I was also discouraged because the soundtrack only had about 8 songs on it.
Purchase Decision- I decided not to buy it not only of the quality but also the quantity
Post-Purchase Decision- I wasn't regretful or mad that I didn't buy it because I had a friend who was displeased about it too.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Self-actualization- I believe that one needs to be satisfied and happy with one's self or performance.
Self Esteem- I believe that one needs support and and guidance from the people around them in order to be successful in whatever they do.
Love and Belonging- I believe that without the love and caring of friends and family that person would have a hard time dealing with life in general.

Safe and Security- I believe that one must feel safe by the people they love in order to be successful.

Physiological- I believe that everyone needs to have a clear set of mind and focus in order to go out and persevere in whatever they do.