How to Launch a High Ticket

Pricing High Ticket Coaching

We are going to position the price so that it's a fraction of what the benefit that they are getting is. So I generally operate at around 10% or sometimes 5% (20x return) or 20% (5x return) of the value that they will receive.
At that price point (level 0f return on investment - ROI) it's well worth people paying a high ticket price to get a something that is a highly valuable result to them.
With that in mind, keeping an eye on what the value of the result is can be a great way to take the pressure off the price in your mind.
Another way to do that is to remember that there is a considerable investment of time, energy, trust and money on their part. In fact, the money is the smallest investment they make
They need to invest in themselves on many levels. And you need to be choosing to work with people who are able to make that investment. Not just pay you the money - because if that's all they do they are not going to get result they want.
So you need to be very careful that you are qualifying people according to the commitment, their assets and resources, their capability and the steps they've already taken so far. If you think it's all about the money you'll enrol the wrong people and they won't get the results. They need to be ticking all those other boxes - the money is just the final step.
High ticket Coaching Mindset