Something BIG... I Mean Very BIG!

It's Coming Very Soon

Have You Been Following Empower Network?

Empower Network is about to take another major step forward as one of the leading Internet Marketing companies in the world. They will be changing the blogging industry right before your eyes.

The most recent news announced at their quarterly event (attended by over 6000 members) in Denver, CO in July of this year was the upcoming release of env2. That would be version 2 of the Empower Network viral blogging system. The upgrades in this version literally electrified the audience. They were amazed at the ease and flexibility built into this new version.

After reading through this, take the time to watch the video below which shows in great detail the many features that will be in env2.

Not To Be Downplayed...

Also at this event the extremely successful team of Vick Strizheus, The BIG Idea Mastermind, announced major upgrades to the self contained front end marketing system for EN. With the addition of multiple new sales funnels, fast start training, traffic generation training, and tons of self improvement videos along with weekly Hangouts by the master himself.

The amazing thing about joining EN through the BIG Idea Mastermind Group, you receive the full front end marketing system for FREE. Experiencing the benefits of this first hand, I can honestly say this is definitely priceless.

Once you check out the ENV2 video, click on the link to see the benefits that BIM adds to the total process. It's hard to believe that you get all of this for just $25 a month. When you consider the value of the software and the training, not to mention the earning potential available through this program, you just have to get started with your new career.