Biomass Pros and Cons

By Rita Woodraska


Alternative energy is a very important concept nowadays and the need has become greater and greater over the years. Biomass alternative energy is one of the many options open to this world if we only use is its assets to our advantage.


  • Completely renewable, able to rely on waste if necessary
  • Takes carbon dioxide in the air
  • Plethora of ways to convert into energy


  • Very expensive
  • Puts some methane and carbon dioxide back into air
  • Lack of efficiency

My Stance

This form of energy has a constant flow of resources. This means despite some inefficiency it still holds a real applicable merit in this world and the future of alternative energy. Making use of the waste already on this earth can very beneficial and actually change how people look at energy and waste. And since most of the materials are waste, it is also economically favorable as well. This means that, though it may seem expensive it is still has the possibility of being affordable. These cons are mere hurdles, easily removed when given the time and energy needed to become a success. In short biomass can and should be our future energy supplier.
Bioenergy: America’s Energy Future