Dwight D. Eisenhower


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-34th president

-won the elections of 1952 and 1956

-political affiliation: Republican

-vice president was Richard Nixon

"I Like Ike"


-Republicanism policy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Containment-
  • wanted to destroy communism
  • hired secretary of state John Foster Dulles
More policy
  • 1) sustaining a prosperous U.S. economy while trying to compete in the Cold War
  • 2) arms race ( nuclear weapons) to combat communist aggression and fight if need be
  • 3) using the CIA to combat communist influences in the economy ( 2nd red scare)
  • 4) strengthening relationship with allies

-The Cold War ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Called the Cold war because it never heated up into any actual fighting

-Era of McCarthyism~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • communism hysteria
  • Joseph McCarthy trying to weed out all of the communists in the government
  • Eisenhower did not want to get involved
  • made a mockery of himself when he accused the Army of having communists.

- five-star general in the United States Army during World War II

-signed the armistice "ending" the Korean war

  • threatened to use nuclear arms
  • after the threat

-"Operation Wetback" (politically incorrect)

  • rounding up a million illegal Mexican Immigrants

-Space Race

  • Sputnik I & II
  • NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration authorized $877 million in loans to needy college students and in grants for the improvement of teaching sciences and language

-Strategic Air Command

- Esisenhower desegregation in the south~~~~~~~~~~~

Brown V. Board of education-

-was a consolidation of 5 court cases over segregation in public schools

-asked attorney generals of all states with laws permitting segregation in their public schools to submit plans for how to proceed with desegregation

-desegregation was to proceed with "all deliberate speed"

Little Rock crisis-

a group of African American students who were enrolled at the Little Rock Central High school were not allowed to attened the segregated school

-Eisenhower called for paratroopers to escourt the kids into the school

-students formed non-violent coordinating Committee (SNCC) to give for focus and force to their efforts

Montgomery Bus Boycott

-Rosa parks refused to give up her seat to a white man and was arrested

(this inspired African Americans to protest)

-emptying busses in protest

-December 5, 1955, MLkjr gives a speech saying "If we are wrong, the Constitution of the United States is wrong"

-The Supreme Court Declares Bus Segregation Unconstitutional (1956)

-led to the creation of Southern Christian Leadership conference

Civil rights act of 1957

- established the Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department

-empowered federal officials to prosecute people who infringe on other's rights to vote

- created a six-member U.S. Civil Rights Commission charged with investigating allegations of voter infringement

-most importantly it signaled a growing federal commitment to the cause of civil rights

-Interstate Highway Act

- Most expensive program in history
- 41000 mile system- accelerated suburban growth, heightened dependency of vehicles, hastened decline of nation's rails, pollution, gas consumption, decay of central cities

-helped create countless jobs

-helped with urbanization

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"We are going to have Peace, even if we have to fight for it"

Dwight D. Eisenhower - Mini Biography