Mrs Clark's Art Challenge

Big picture

The artwork

I bought this piece of art on holiday in Portugal about twenty five years ago.

It’s actually made from chamois leather so it smells wonderful too.

I love its mysterious haunting qualities, you don’t know whether it’s male or female and sometimes it appears to be looking at you.

It holds no special significance but I do love looking at it. I originally intended to spray paint it black but decided to leave it as it is and I’m glad that I did. I struggled to get it back home as it is life sized and 3D so couldn’t risk squashing it in a suitcase.

The challenge

The fabric folds in this sculpture are cleverly arranged to look as though the wind or perhaps water is billowing through the person’s head covering. Make a temporary sculpture using towels, sheets, pieces of fabric or items of clothing placed on a flat surface like a bed or the floor. Try crumpling and arranging your fabric to make your sculpture look as though there is a strong wind blowing on it. Take a photo of it to display.