Negative Effects of Overparenting

Child Problems and Family Environment


For many years, it has been implanted into parents minds that the more they are involved with their child's education, social, physical, and mental development that not only are the parents considered to be the best parents, but the more successful and healthy minded their child will be.

However, over parental involvement means to go way beyond parental behaviors of involvement, control, hovering, advice management and solving any or all problems for their child. Sure this may benefit the child when they are young, but as they grow the more problematic it is for the child. As overparenting has been a concern for the overall well-being of a child, more studies have been performed to understand the positive and/or negative effects of overparenting.

According to the study listed below, overparenting or helicopter parenting is linked to causing negative parent and child relationships. Helicopter parenting decreases your child having positive social relationships and interpersonal relationships as they merge into adulthood due to withdrawing from parental and social relationships. Also, when a child has been helicopter parented, the family is criticized, the attitudes between the parent and child are not healthy, and the parents become guarded.

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