It Takes A Famous Person To Be Cool

It Takes A Famous Person TO be Cool

Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to accomplish ? well this story will take you away.

It started on august 25,2010 in Detroit ,me my mom and dad was just moving into our new home and school; is in the next twenty-four hours. I was tired and sleepy of moving all these big and heavy luggages but we finally got settled in .When my mom woke me up I got ready and ate breakfast as the usual. Once I got we took a ten minute drive to my new school ,it wasn't an ordinary school because it was all orange and said each student must have a talent . When I went inside I heard singing la -de- da- de- do, rapping bsssk -skkk, and instruments playing. I saw dancing also as I walked down the hall there was a girl named Christy and she had a gang they stopped at me and said . ''Eww who is this looser ? I think I am going to throw up just looking at this creature''. After that there was a rush of adrenaline in my body and a shame of embarrassment . I tried to cover my face and head to class , once I got there everyone was starring at me because that's what they always do when they see someone new . Then the teasing went on again I didn't say anything to the teacher because if she actually cared about me then she would have stopped it when it began. Then the bell rang to eat lunch beeeeeeeep. Once I got to the cafeteria it stunk really bad like Andrews did, I was really mad at Michelle Obama for this nasty lunch while London ,Italy and France was eating good. Once I got my plate the smell of the nasty lasagna was so overwhelming that I just threw the whole plate away , i sat by myself and no one asked me to sit with them but I didn't care .the bell rang to go back to class and the time flew by a little faster , and the other bell rang to let us out of school . I rushed to the car so no one could call me other names , as soon as I got in the car like the usual my mom would ask me how was school ? because I didn't want to be teased anymore I said .''IT WAS HORRIBLE ! everyone picked at me and the teacher didn't say anything about it ''. She said .''well i'm going in that school and cuss everybody out''. I said well i'm staying in the car good luck. When she was headed in the school she did her mean walk, her face was snarled up, her arms was folded and her veins was popping out . When she came out she had an evil grin on her face. What they say ? she said. ''they will keep a close eye on you'' .

When we got home dad had already had food waiting for us and it was my favorite which was Chinese food .The aroma of the food was just so overwhelming because I didn't eat the school food plus the chicken smothered in in that delicious orange sauce. After i ate I watched Tru Tv and my favorite show South Beach Tow was on. Bernice mom was in a dark building and she saw a ghost person and she picked up a chair and slammed it against her head it was hilarious, after that I went to sleep . I then woke it was a wet day . ''Nice weather were having huh ?''.My dad said . I just ignored him and got ready for school .

Today everyone showed their talents I heard a lot of great voices ,instruments, and saw a couple of dancers. When it was my time I sung ''Trumpets'' by Jason Derulo ,everyone looked at me in shock that I could sing .I got to the the cafeteria and sat by myself as usual so I told myself that I was tired of school and I wanted to be home schooled but that was going to money . When I got home I told my mom that I wanted to sign up for the x-factor ,she knew this was my goal when I was little so I missed a couple of days of school.