Top 5 Books for Incoming 7th Grade

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#5 - The Clockwork Three - Matthew J. Kirby

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The Clockwork Three is the story of three children in early 20th-century America; Giuseppe, who finds an apparently magical green violin with the world's best sound, Hannah, who is a maid in a prestigious hotel to pay for medicine for her gravely ill father and Frederick, a clockmaker's apprentice that is building a clockwork man. But what happens when these three are brought together and give the clockwork man the abilities breathe, feel and think?

#4 - Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly

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An anger-filled teen who travels to Paris for a school assignment uncovers a diary dating back to the French Revolution. It details the life of Alexandrine Paradis, an actress who attempted to help a child in prison - Louis Charles, lost king of France.

#3 - The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness

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This book introduces a world where everybody is infected with a germ called the Noise, which allows everyone to read everyone else's thoughts. Todd, the youngest boy in his community, uncovers a dark secret about the Noise, causing him to flee to the city Haven, where there is a cure for Noise.

#2 - The Shadow Club - Neal Shusterman

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Out of the shadows, a club forms. A club with the mantra of getting back against those who have made the members feel second-best; sent them into the shadows. At first, it starts out as light-hearted pranks. But, as the pranks get more and more dangerous, the Shadow Club finds itself in the middle of a perilous game, with the loser ending up dead.

#1 - The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

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With the backdrop of the German Revolution, The Book Thief tells the story of Liesel Meminger, sent to live with foster parents after her mother is forced to give her up for adoption. When her brother, Werner, dies she begins stealing books to read while going through the risk of hiding a Jew in her basement at the worst possible time.