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Happy New Year Everyone!

Hi Friends!!

I am so sorry for the delay. The website that I use to put our newsletter together has not been very cooperative this weekend. I hope you're all doing well and staying healthy. There's more nasty going around, so we've upped our hand washing with hot water and soap in the Bat Cave!

Thank you all for making sure your kiddo has proper winter gear for recess! Every single kiddo came to school last week prepared. You guys are amazing! This week's recess should be interesting (haha). With all this rain, who knows what will be out on the playground. Please keep that warm gear coming to school until spring (aaaahhhh spring! that sounds so magical).

We had a great transition back to school from vacation. I'm pretty sure the kiddos had a smoother one than me. I really missed my afternoon naps and not waking up to an alarm clock, but lucky for me, I LOVE my job!! Even when I win the PowerBall tonight, I will still be in the Bat Cave in the morning :-)


Jan 13th - Early Release (Dismissal 1pm)

Jan 14th - Kindergarten works with Outdoor Classroom Staff


Jan 18th - NO SCHOOL - MLK Jr. Day

Jan 20th - School Board Meeting @Memorial School 6:30pm (in the Art Room)

Jan 22nd - NO SCHOOL

Jan 28th - Kindergarten works with Outdoor Classroom Staff

Feb 10th - Early Release (Dismissal 1pm)

Have a wonderful upcoming week my friends. If you need anything, let me know!



The Literacy Lowdown

This week was a busy week in the literacy part of our day. We began something new. As you know, rest time tools came home before vacation. We have transitioned from rest time to read to self time. We built our expectations chart for this chunk of time in our day as a class. We practiced read to self each day this week so that we could improve our reading stamina. This week was also a great reminder that reading can be done in three ways: 1) read the pictures 2) read the words or 3) retell the story.

This week we also had new sight words, four of them to be exact: IS, IF, IN, and IT. Three of these sight words are assessed during the kindergarten year, but IF is actually a first grade word, so this word will not be assessed.

Writers' Workshop was pretty exciting this week. Our classroom was a "teaching" classroom for a visiting trainer and the kindergarten teachers had the opportunity to learn from the Bat Cave. Miss Tracey was our trainer and she taught a mini lesson to the kiddos about planning writing across pages. The kiddos worked together with partners and shared their plan and then got to work, all while K teachers were taking notes! It was an amazing opportunity for the teaching staff, but also for our class to TEACH the teachers! Our superheroes made amazing choices and began some amazing writing!!! I was incredibly proud!

GUM. We will be using gum as a tool during our writing time. If you would like your kiddo to use this tool, please send in a pack with your child's name on it. Please make sure it is just regular chewing gum. Bubble gum will not be used. If you choose not to send gum in (which is totally ok), then your kiddo will not be chewing gum. Thank you!

This coming week, book boxes will be introduced as a new tool. Book boxes will be individualized to each reader and will be used during read to self time. Stay tuned for more!

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Practicing Read to Self


Aubrey Ranalla

Our first week in the new year and Miss Aubrey started us off on a SUPER note! She's such a sweet, thoughtful friend.

Full Name: Aubrey Malise Ranalla

She has one sister (Nevaeh) and zero brothers. Her favorite color is pink. Her hobbies include playing with Barbies and American Girl dolls and going to dance class. When she grows up, Aubrey wants to be a doctor. Her favorite things to do in kindergarten is snack time and choice time. Aubrey things she is good at helping people and being nice and kind.

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MONDAY - Madalyn


WEDNESDAY - Aubrey (Early Release Day)


FRIDAY - Brandon

A Math Minute

Geometry in the Bat Cave

This week we began a new set of standards in math. We're certainly not done with our number study - that will be ongoing throughout the rest of the year, but our focus right now revolves around some geometry standards!

A Kindergartener will be able to do the following:

-Correctly name shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, sphere, cone, cube,

and cylinder)

-Describe objects in the environment using shape names and describe the location of the

object using positional words (above, behind, next to, under, etc)

-Tell if a shape is 2D or 3D

-Compare 2D and 3D shapes using words to describe the similarities and differences

-Model shapes in the world from materials and drawings.

-Use shapes to make larger shapes

Sounds like fun riiiiight?!?!?!?! It will be lots of fun for sure! This week we got started with the basic shapes and finding them in our classroom and in the world around us. I can't wait to share this coming week's activities!