The Alchemyst

Summer Reading Part II


The Plot

One day, Josh enters the bookshop and smells rotten eggs. He follows the smell which brings him upstairs to see two men fighting. One of the men's name is something Fleming and the other one is Dr.John Dee. Dee is trying to get the Codex, which Nick has been guarding for a really long time. Dee gets the Codex except the last two pages which Josh tore out at the last minute. Dee also gets Nick's wife Perry who came to check what was going on. Nick Fleming's actual name is Nicholas Flamel who has been living for a long time thanks to the Codex. Sure that Nicholas has the twins of the prophecy (Sophie and Josh Newman), Nicholas brings them to Hekate who he hopes she will Awaken the twins. Sophie's awakening completes but Dee invades Hekate's Shadowrealm and destroys it. Nicholas and the twins escape, but Hekate was killed along with her Shadowrealm. Then, Nicholas and the twins go to Ojai so the Witch of Endor can teach Sophie Air Magic. While giving Sophie powers, the Witch also gives Sophie all her memories. Josh is captured by Dee and who tries to persuade Josh that Nicholas is doing bad things and Dee is trying to save the world. Nicholas and the group escape using a leygate but Josh is unsure weather or not to trust Nicholas Flamel, the Immortal.


Minor Characters

  • Penerelle (Perry)
  • Morgana the Crow Goddess
  • Bastet

Main Characters

  • Josh Newman
  • Sophie Newman
  • Nicholas Flamel (Nick Fleming)
  • Dr.John Dee
  • Hekate
  • Witch of Endor
  • Scathach

Dynamic Characters

  • Josh- isn't sure if he should trust Nicholas during the end
  • Nicholas- ages more after using part of his aura
  • Sophie- Becomes Awakened, learns Air Magic, and Has Witch's memories
  • Hekate- Dies and Shadowrealm is destroyed
Static Characters

  • John Dee
  • Penerelle (Perry)
  • Witch of Endor
  • Scathach

An Exciting Book With Thrill, Excitement And Adventure. - Leon


Internal Conflicts

  • Josh is wondering weather or not to trust Nicholas Flamel
  • Sophie wonders if she wants to be Awakened
  • Nicholas wonders if he should risks the twins' lives
External Conflict

Man vs. Man

  • Dee vs. Nicholas
  • Dee vs. Hekate
  • Dee vs. Sophie
  • Bastet vs. Sophie
  • Scathach and Nicholas vs. dead and Dee
Man vs. Nature

  • Nicholas vs. Clay Humans


Nicholas and the twins must get the Codex back from Dee before it's too late


The twins Josh and Sophie Newman are THE twins of the prophecy. Sophie watches a man followed by two others walk into the shop owned by Nick Fleming and also were her twin Josh works.

Inciting Incident and Rising Action

Josh enters the bookshop and smells rotten eggs. There is the usual smell of mint, but it is very faint. Josh follows the smell of rotten eggs which leads him upstairs. He sees a man fighting with Nick, who tells him to run. The other man's name is Dr. John Dee who is here to take The Codex from Nick who has been guarding it for ages. Perry comes in to see if everything is okay, but she gets kidnapped along with The Codex. Luckily thought, Josh ripped the last two pages out The Codex which are very important.


When Nicholas and the twins escape from Dee and head towards Hekate's shadowrealm, they learn that Dee is setting up an invasion there. Hekate Awakens Sophie so she has much stronger senses. She is overwhelmed and has to rest. Josh would be Awakened, but Dee started the invasion and had a Dark Elder with him. Along the thousands of cats, the Cat Goddess, Batstet is leading them. Even with the help of Scatach, Hekate's forces are soon overwhelmed and fall. Hekate makes her final stand as Nicholas escapes with the twins. Hekate dies when the Ygsadrill is destroyed by Dee. Dee used Excalibur, the ice sword to freeze the tree and destroy it, killing Hekate along with it.

Falling Action

At Alcatraz. Penerelle manages to find out how to take over Sophie's body and let Nicholas and the twins escape. Killing the Ygsadrill destroyed Hekate's shadowrealm and other shadowrealms connected to it. Luckily, the twins are alive, but so is Dee.Dee peruses them across California and they arive at Ojai, a city in Claifornia. There, Nicholas brings Sophie to see the Witch of Endor to train her with Air Magic, one of the Elemental Magics. In addition, the Witch also gives Sophie all her memories, and no one knows why. While Josh is waiting outside, he is kidnapped by Dee who tries to persuade Josh on joining his side. When Nicholas finds Josh missing, he immediately suspects Dee. But Dee has summoned a bunch of dead people to fight off Nicholas and Sophie.


At the beginning of the battle, Nicholas and Scathach struggles to keep the dead at bay and yells at Dee for being a coward. Luckily, with Sophie's new magic, she is able to create a whirlwind and blow the dead away. Josh immediately runs towards Sophie and Dee runs after. The twins and Nicholas go to the Witch's place where a leygate is. They use the leygate right before the shop explodes, with Dee and the Witch inside.


Unfortunately, Dee escapes with wounds and the Witch is still alive. The leygate led Nicholas, Scathach,and the twins to Paris, the city where it all began.


Theme: Even when you think it's a normal day, it can change within minutes.


The Alchemyst

by Michael Scott

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This Is One Of The Best Books I've Ever Read, And I'll Keep Up With Nicholas, The Twins, And Scathach In Their Next Adventure, The Magician -Leon