Werner Weekly

September 28, 2020

Message from Mr. Camp

As we begin to shift to Phase 3 (K-2nd Oct. 5, 3rd-5th Oct. 19), we are excited to have students back in-person! Please know that we will do our part to make in-person learning safe and engaging. Also, Phase 3 with remote learning will look different and your teacher will communicate expectations specific to your child.

While in-person, students will work with their teacher on core lessons and they will attend specials in-person. On their days at home, students will have independent assignments and asynchronous lessons (as needed). Teachers will check in with their remote students at least once on their remote days. This check-in may adapt with time and experience. Our interventionists and paras will work with identified students on remote days via Microsoft Teams.

Please do not expect our teachers to provide live instruction via technology to remote students while they are teaching to students in-person. We know that many have asked about this possibility to only do remote learning from Werner and we simply do not have the capacity to teach live in-person and remotely at the same time. If you have concerns with being back in-person and need another option, please contact me (hcamp@psdschools.org).

While we know that this phase will be new for us all, please know that our teachers will continue to help transition slowly and adjust as needed. Please keep your teacher informed of your needs/questions.

I'll be sending more information regarding our shift later this week. Thanks for all your support in these challenging times!

Mr. Camp

Coming Back to School: Elementary Schools

Phase 3 Overview-PSD

Student groups alternate attending school

Information is current as of Sept. 27, 2020, and subject to change.

Phase 3: Hybrid combination of in-person at school and remote learning

  • Students engage in learning five days a week, attending school two days of the week and remote learning the rest of the week. All students have been assigned to an A or B group. Please check ParentVUE for your student's assignment.
    • Student groups rotate attending school, with approximately 50% of the students at school per day, Monday through Thursday.
    • On Fridays, students engage in remote learning.
  • Teachers provide consistency and easy access to a student's remote learning resources in one place via online learning pages. For example, an elementary teacher's page may feature messages from the teacher, and links to Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, other learning applications.
  • School health and safety procedures: While in school buildings, students and staff are required to wear face coverings and follow all health and safety protocols.
  • The number of students are limited in a room to comply with social distancing measures and health requirements.
  • Mental health services and supports are available.
  • Integrated Services support of students is available - see details and what that looks like in each phase on the IS Support of Students with Disabilities in 2020-21 web page.

Elementary Schools


  • All students have been assigned to an A or B group. Please check ParentVUE for your student's assignment. A priority is placed on having siblings in the same group, as possible. The groups alternate attending school.
    • "A group" attends school Mondays and Wednesdays with remote learning Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
    • "B group" attends school Tuesdays and Thursdays with remote learning Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
    • Fridays:
      • Live morning check-in/class meeting
      • The rest of Friday, students complete independent and asynchronous work and participate in synchronous lessons.
      • Teachers provide instructional support to students for approximately 1/3 of the day. For the remainder of the day, teachers collaboratively plan and prepare for the next week.
  • Safety at school:
    • Student and staff groups are as static as possible throughout the day.
    • Schools will prioritize cohorting by class. If that's not possible, schools will cohort by grade level​
      • Interventionists and service providers
        • Deliver instruction to support standards-based learning virtually (Microsoft Teams) on-site
        • Maintain distance and meet with students from one class at a time.
        • Disinfect between group
        • Students from different classes are not mixed if cohorting by class. Students from different grade levels are not mixed if cohorting by grade level.
    • Nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities are likely restricted.
    • Pre-plated meals are delivered to students and eaten in the classroom or outside, following social distancing requirements through the process.
    • Safety provisions are made in hallways and common areas for students and staff.
    • See the In-school Health and Safety web page web page for additional procedures at schools.

In-School Learning

  • Lessons focus on priority standards.
  • Social and emotional learning are integrated throughout the day.
  • Specials are provided in a modified schedule where social distancing can be maintained.
  • Teachers provide instructional materials for remote learning.

Remote Learning

  • Teachers provide instructional materials for subject areas. Students apply their learning and preview new content.
  • Specials teachers may provide weekly lessons.
  • Students have access to pre-recorded video lessons and/or practice through websites (enVision, Cengage, Khan Academy, Moby Max, etc.).
  • Interventionists and service providers offer instruction to support learning.

Important Reminders from the School Nurses

As we prepare to transition from back to in person, it is important that you let us know about your child’s health concerns. Your child is unique. Please give us the details that will help us be of assistance to your child at school. If he/she has a health concern, contact your school nurse or health technician. Information you provide will be reviewed by the school nurse and a Health Care Plan may be developed.

Medication at School

All medication given at school, whether doctor prescribed or over the counter, must be accompanied by PSD Authorization to Administer medication form (available on the PSD website under the Parent, tab, Health services), signed by both the parent/guardian and the physician. Medication must be provided and brought to school by a parent, in the original prescription bottle or over the counter container. Pharmacists may provide you with two bottles if you ask them to label one for school use. If medication changes or medication is discontinued during the school year, please have the child’s doctor fax us the new or correct orders.

Authorization for medication administration MUST BE COMPLETED YEARLY and health care plans updated annually.

Phone Numbers

It is important that we have your home and work phone numbers, as well as emergency contact(s) and phone numbers(s). Should your child become ill or hurt while at school, we MUST be able to reach you. If changes occur during the school year, please notify the school office.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have questions or need addition information, please call.

School Nurse: Julie Norris RN Health Tech: Amy Rider

Email: jnorris@psdschools.org Email: arider@psdschools.org

Phone: 970-556-5900 Phone: 970-488-5550

Fax: 970-488-5552

Big picture

Schedules for Oct. 5-14

We will send out more detailed schedules later, but please anticipate K-2nd students to start school at 8:50 am when we start with Phase 3 next week. Students can arrive as early as 8:30, but must go directly to their classroom through the outer door. Students will be dismissed at 3:28.

For our 3rd-5th students in remote , we will send more details later this week. Schedules will shift for specials and interventions.

Werner Dines Out-Sept. 29

Papa John's and Werner PTA are partnering to raise money for our school on Sept. 29. Carryout or delivery are available and Papa John's will donate money back to Werner from every order using this flyer.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are an important time to connect with your child's teacher about progress of your child. We are providing flexibility for teachers and parents to schedule those before Dec. 18. Please know that if there are any concerns, we expect and staff and parents to address those as needed. Oct. 15 and 16th are set aside as "No Student" contact days for teachers to comp time for conferences.

Great Happens Here District Newsletter

Here is this week's GHH newsletter from the district.

Technology Support Tips

Here are some quick tips for you for technology support: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kIdDrdd0hFk3lusUIx9AKy56KLPtYUGrzzgbDtDD5_U/edit?usp=sharing.

You can also use the Tech Portal for tech support when you need it: https://techportal.psdschools.org/. If you have any other questions about technology, please contact our Media Specialist, Debbie Powers, at dpowers@psdschools.org.

PSD 2020-21 School Year

Stay up-to-date with PSD's plans for the 2020-21 school year at: https://www.psdschools.org/psd2020-21. This site will house all the information needed for the different phases and updates throughout the year.