Personal Selling, Variety Stores, & Kiosks and Carts

Personal Selling

-Done without a retail store

-Moves cosmetics, jewelry, clothing lines, and other merchandise to customers through either door-to-door sales or selling parties (showings) in private homes or work environments.

--Merchandise is often of high quality or unusual design

Example: Mary Kay Cosmetics, Thirty-One Gifts

Variety Stores

-Offer a few items in many classifications or lowered-price merchandise

-They stock inexpensive clothing

-These stores are usually found in small towns

Example: Dollar General, Dollar Tree

Kiosks and Carts

-Are open sales pavilions, usually situated in central areas of shopping malls

-Often sell jewelry or small gift items meant for impulse purchases

-Prices of items sold at kiosks and carts are varied

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-Many small-town variety stores have gone out of business because they could not compete with large discount and other stores that opened up near them.

-Variety Stores started as "dime stores" or "five-and-ten" in small towns in America.