Help Wanted

President of the United States


  • Natural born citizen
  • At least 35 years of age
  • Citizen of the United States for a least 14 years

Duties Preformed:

  • You will be the living symbol of the United States of America
  • You will award medals and attened several ceramonies
  • You will enforce laws, treaties, federal court hearings, develope policies and more!
  • You are responsible for all federal departments
  • You will conduct foreing policy
  • You are the supreme leader of the nation's military
  • You will give congress information via the State of the Union
  • You will help members of your party get elected/appointed to office
  • You represent the people of the United States and will work for public intrest

Necessary Skills:

  • Effective and resolute decision maker
  • Encourage dynamic conflict resolution
  • Be able to communicate a clear and inspiring vision to his administration and the country
  • Innovative
  • Establish trust between both the government and the people
  • A strong and effective leader


  • $400,000 annual salary
  • Annual $50,000 allowence to do what you please
  • Living in the White House (132 room mansion on 18.3 acres)
  • A fleet of various automobiles (Air Force One, other helicopters, planes, limousines, etc.)
  • Camp David (resort hide-away in the Catoctin Mountains)
  • Generous travel and entertainment funds
  • Finest healthcare available