Doyle Math

Fractions with Khan Academy

Practice for Friday's Math Test: 12/19/14

Dear 4-D Math Parents/Guardians:

If you are not familiar with the Khan Academy website , it is a wonderful education tool that provides learning/reinforcement through concept videos and practice examples. Joining and participation is optional. Your child can have access to Khan Academy without joining my class.

Please reference your child's google drive email account to receive a link to join my class: 2014DoyleLynnewood Class code: P7ZEJJ

I have provided a link which I would encourage you to visit with your child. The first video is rather long, nine minutes, but the remaining are much briefer. Your child has the flexibility to pick and choose which videos to try.

Opting Out

While I'm enjoying keeping everyone up to date with on our math activities, understandably there might be some of you that do not share my enthusiasm for bombarding you with fliers.

Please send me an email and I'll be happy to remove your name from the list: