21st Century Teaching and Learning

Celebrating the use of technology in an ever changing world

Revolutionizing education via Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking

Tuesday, May 26th, 7-9pm

1228 North 5th Street

Perkasie, PA

Pennridge School District is hosting an evening focused on the growth of technology and its application to developing 21st Century Learners. The evening will have three components and will allow attendees to explore different uses of technology in the classroom.

21st Century Learning at Pennridge High School

A TED-style presentation featuring student achievement, a discussion of 21st Century Learning characteristics, and how DaVinci Day or other Genius Hour experiences help students achieve these goals.

Technology Forum

A panel discussion comprised of teachers and administrators of elementary, middle, and high school levels focused on the benefits and necessity of 21st Century Learning

Teacher Exhibitions

An exhibition of student learning hosted by teachers throughout the district from varying levels and curriculum areas. This exhibition is designed to be interactive, allowing participants to discuss with teachers and students the content developed as well as the thinking behind the activities completed with 21st Century Learning involved.


The ABC's of Pennsylvania History

Chris Leatherman, Bedminster Elementary

Taking a Trip to Washington D.C.

Lorrie Petersen, Matt Sadowsky and Amanda Williams, Bedminster Elementary

Instruments of the Orchestra

Sara Gray, Bedminster and Seylar Elementary

Digital Literacy and QR Code Games

Ken Ehrmann, Seylar Elementary

Student Digital Portfolios

Christine Skogen and Beth Bingler, Guth Elementary

Second Grade Rocks with Technology

Peg Volak, Grasse Elementary

Movies of the Southeast United States

Lauren Jardine, Grasse Elementary

Digital Storytelling and Extreme Weather Presentations

Devin Gorman, Sellersville Elementary

Zimmer Twins - Tobacco Facts and Refusal Skills Cartoons

Jamie Bosler and Melanie Welsh, South Middle School

Becoming a Problem Solver

Elizabeth Deitz, Bedminster and Guth Elementary

Digital Labs

Steve Yurchak, South Middle School

Edmodo and Other Tools to Help Students Stay on Track

Staci Klemmerer, Pennridge High School

Using 3-D Printing in the Classroom

Bob Miller, Pennridge High School

American Heroes Webquest

Sarah Mardosian, Lindsey Baver and Chelsea Potuck, Bedminster Elementary

El Cuarto Misterioso in the Flipped Classroom
Renee England, Pennridge High School

OneNote and Edmodo in the Classroom
Cody Crooke, Pennridge High School

GIZMOS - Virtual Lab Simulations for the 21st Century

A.C. Russell, Pennridge High School

DaVinci Day Projects

Golden Rams Team, Pennridge High School