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OVHS Counseling Department: October 19, 2020


We want you to know we have your back and will help you make the most of all the opportunities presented to you. Whether you are planning on attending college, enlisting in the military, training in a career/vocation, or joining the world of work, we are excited for your life after high school. Completing your Financial Aid application is an important step. Not only is it a VVUSD graduation requirement, it is your key to paying for college or job training. This is your one stop for updated Financial Aid Information. We will continue to update this Newsletter throughout the year.

Senior Google Classroom

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Save the Dates: Upcoming Senior Financial Aid Events

Mooola Mondays!!!

Get started on your FAFSA/CADAA Applications. Counselors are available to help via Zoom every Monday from 12:00-3:00pm. See Flyer and Zoom link below. Weekly Prize Drawings for those who complete their application.

Zoom Meeting ID: 871 6063 1535

Passcode: 890783

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FAFSA/CADAA Fact Fridays!!!!

Look for our FAFSA/CADAA Fact posts to social media and the Class of 2021 Google Classroom. Make sure you meet your VVUSD Graduation Requirement by completing your financial aid application. The sooner you complete the application, the sooner you will know how much aid you may have for post-secondary education. Deadline is March 2, 2021.
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FAFSA Bootcamp Webinars for Students and Parents.

Use the link below to register for the workshops!

Federal Student Aid (FSA) will be hosting a two-day virtual financial aid boot camp on Oct. 20 and 21. This boot camp is ideal for students, parents, guidance counselors, college access professionals, and other members of the financial aid community. Attendees will also discover how to access and share FSA's tools and resources, along with best practices to resolve unique circumstances in the COVID-19 environment.

This boot camp will feature day and evening sessions with subject matter experts providing information designed to help participants learn about

  • the federal financial aid process;
  • how to complete the 2021–22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®); and
  • FSA tools and resources.

Day 1 – Oct. 20, 2020

Session 1: Understanding the FAFSA® Form
2–3 p.m. Eastern time

Session 2: FSA ID and FSA Resources
4–5 p.m. Eastern time

Session 3: Understanding the FAFSA® Form
(Same as 2pm session)
4–5 p.m. Eastern time

Day 2 – Oct. 21, 2020

Session 1: 2021–22 FAFSA® Line by Line (live demo)
11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Eastern time

Session 2: 2021–22 FAFSA® Line by Line (live demo)
(Same as 11:30 a.m. session)
6–7 p.m. Eastern time

FAFSA/ CA Dream Act Submission is a Graduation Requirement

We recommend completing the FAFSA/CADAA early so you can get your award letter back prior to having to decide on a college by May 1st.

***Seniors: Please memorize or take a picture of your Social Security Number, as you will need it for your College and Financial Aid Applications***

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid application must be submitted to receive Federal and State aid.

FAFSA opens October 1st 2020. The California deadline is March 2, 2021. The Federal deadline is June 30, 2020. You will be completing the 2021-2022 FAFSA Application. You will use your Parent's 2019 IRS Tax Return to complete income questions.

FSA ID: Federal Student Aid Identification

An FSA ID gives you access to Federal Student Aid’s online systems and can serve as your legal signature.

· You and your parent will need to create an FSA ID.

· Be sure to record your username and password.

· You will need to renew your FAFSA each year you are in college.

· Your parent will need their FSA ID if you have siblings who will complete the FAFSA.

CA Dream Act Application:

Completion of the California Dream Act Application is required to determine financial aid for California AB540 eligible students. The California Student Aid Commission will process your application.

Provide some basic information and we'll estimate your eligibility for federal student aid. Your estimate will be shown in the "College Cost Worksheet" where you can also provide estimated amounts of other student aid.

CA Dream Act- Step-by Step Video

California Dream Act

California Colleges Guidance Initiative (CCGI)


The platform provides high school students the tools to match their interests and skills to postsecondary college and career opportunities. They can take career assessments and use search tools to develop college, major, and career lists, write goals and journals, track activities, and read a variety of age-appropriate content to develop and expand their knowledge on all college, career, and financial aid planning topics.

OV students should use their VVUSD Google Account to log-in to CCGI. We will be using this platform to launch he FAFSA/CA Dream Act Applications.

Launching Your FAFSA or California Dream Act Application (Partner Districts)


Cal-Grant: Offers grants (free money) to eligible students attending qualifying Colleges, Universities or Technical Schools.

GPA verification is submitted by our school Registrar.

Changes in Income Since Filing 2019 Taxes

If your and your family’s ability to pay for college changed drastically due to COVID-19, you may be wondering, “What do I do now?”

First, take a deep breath and remember you’re not alone. This is a time of financial uncertainty for many college-bound students and their families.

If you need more financial aid than you initially expected, check out these recommended steps from experts.

Complete the FAFSA First

Yes, complete the form even if your financial situation has changed. And yes, even if you’re worried you may not be awarded as much as you need. While it may not be an accurate reflection of your family’s current financial situation, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is still the first step in getting financial aid.

“Students and families who have experienced job loss or significant changes in income as a result of the pandemic should complete their FAFSA using the income information from the appropriate year tax forms, (2019) even if it does not currently reflect their financial circumstance,” says Allie Arcese, a spokesperson for the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

Why can’t changes be made on the FAFSA to include more recent financial data? By law, the FAFSA relies on tax data from two years prior to determine need. And the formula used to determine a family’s expected contribution is set by Congress. Modifications to these rules would require legislative changes that may come too late to affect the financial need that families are facing today. The only way to start the process of securing any financial aid at all — along with gaining access to many scholarships — is to complete the FAFSA.

Appeal Your Financial Aid Award

After you’ve filled out the FAFSA, you can reach out to the schools on your list for next steps. “When there are unusual situations or circumstances that impact a student’s federal student aid eligibility, federal regulations give a financial aid administrator discretion — on a case-by-case basis and with adequate documentation — to make adjustments to the data elements on the FAFSA that impact the student’s Expected Family Contribution,” says Ben Kohl, former president of the Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. Kohl also adds that a financial aid appeal goes by different names at different schools, such as a “professional judgment” or a “special circumstances process.”

Don’t be shy about asking for a recalculation. Financial aid offices are prepared for such requests.

A financial aid appeal isn’t the only part of the process that varies by school. Since this is a new and evolving set of circumstances, there’s no standard way for schools to handle appeals. It’s likely that each school’s process will be a little different.

Arcese recommends contacting financial aid offices directly to be sure you understand their professional judgment process. Keep a spreadsheet of what each school requires and what you’ve submitted, similar to your college or scholarship application spreadsheet.

Kohl recommends having documentation of your financial change ready, as you will likely have to share it to initiate the process. This can include a letter of termination, unemployment insurance forms or court documents, depending on the situation.

If you’re appealing your financial aid award after receiving your award letter, be sure to call attention to aspects of the award that could be impacted by COVID-19. For example, if you’ve been awarded work-study but your school has shifted to online-only classes, you likely won’t be able to secure a work-study job.

Don’t be shy about asking for a recalculation. Financial aid offices are prepared for such requests.

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