The Herald's Record

By: Nicholas Smith

Harrison School District Not Patriotic!?!

Just as I visited Ted Griffen (a candidate running for a spot on the Harrison School Board) his neighbor and long time friend Ben Malloy and his son Phillip came over to discuss the matters of Phillip being suspended from school for 2 days just for singing The National Anthem.

Conversation Between Myself and Phillip Malloy

I spoke with Phillip Malloy and asked him what his opinions on the matter are, "Well, see, there's this teacher, Miss Narwin, and she doesn't like me, In the mornings they play the National Anthem on a tape that goes on the sound system, And I like to sing along with it, And Miss Narwin kicked me out of the class just for singing along."

Phone Conversation Between Myself and Dr. Albert Seymour (Harrison School Superintendent)

I spoke with Dr. Seymour about the incident of Phillip Malloy being suspended, "The school district does not have a rule about singing the Star-Spangled Banner" I said there's been a claim about a boy that has been suspended for singing the Star-Spangled Banner, "Hogwash he says, you should check your sources, and I responded saying I'm checking them right now, "The answer is no we don't have such a rule".

Phone Conversation Between Myself and Dr. Gertrude Doane, Principal, Harrison High

I started off by referring that I am checking out an item that's come to our attention. It would appear that one of your students Phillip Malloy has been suspended for 2 days for singing the National Anthem, "Suspension?, Discipline problems are usually in the hands of my assistant principal, Dr. Palleni, in any case I was out at meetings all day", then I asked if Dr. Palleni would discuss such a suspension with you first, "I'm not sure I should be discussing this matter with you. Records regarding our children are of a confidential nature. Then I added that it is already a matter of public record.

Phone Conversation Between Myself and Dr. Joseph Palleni

At first when I began my conversation Dr. Palleni seemed a little surprised about it therefore I couldn't get much information from him. Dr. Palleni I'm doing a report on the fact that you suspended a student for singing The Star-Spangled Banner, I've spoken to your superintendent and your principal and they both said that there is no rule towards singing The Star-Spangled Banner. Did you not inform Dr. Doane about the situation? " I always keep her informed". Did you inform her about the suspension? " I did no such thing!" You didn't inform your superior about suspending a student? "I don't wish to talk to you."

Phone Conversation Between Myself and Margaret Narwin

As our conversation escalated I noticed Miss. Narwin was starting to get a little concerned about the situation. Miss Narwin how long have you been a teacher? "21 years." I am trying to get facts about the suspension of Phillip Malloy, I was assuming you would know something about it because your are his teacher. "The boy was creating a disturbance, we have a rule. Your superintendent says there is no rule to singing The Star-Spangled Banner.

My Opinion On The Matter

After all of the conversations, I believe I have gotten all the information I need to make a full report. But in my opinion I think that the school shouldn't have the rule about students not being allowed to sing The Star-Spangled Banner, because its just a practice of patriotism and that is good.