Life of a Highschool Freshman


Distress is the negative stress you experience. This will definitely happen during your adventures through high school. But there is also good stress. Eustress is the good stress this stress will help motivate you to get things done in a timely manner. Eustress can actually make you perform better.

Anxieties in Highschool

Anxiety is what you will feel when your stressed out. Upcoming tests, assignments, and class presentations are just a few of the things that could cause anxiety. The "fight or flight" response may kick in when stress is high. This will cause you to either take the stress head on or walk away. In high school you MUST fight NOT flight!
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Handling Stress and Different Personalities

Stress can cause anger, but you have to know when its getting out of hand. Yelling/screaming and fighting is definitely not acceptable forms of expressing anger in school. Healthier ways include talking the problem out or removing yourself from the situation.
Their are two types of personalities that describe most people.
Type A personality people are very driven and motivated. They have a hard time relaxing and they are very hard on themselves. These people are good at multitasking but delays cause them a lot of anger. This personality could be good in high school. You definitely need to be drive and motivated. There are times you will need to be hard on yourself, but you also want to be able to relax when all your work is took care of. Multitasking is definitely a great skill in high school. Getting irritable with delays isn't so much, not a lot of things will happen on your time.
Type B personality people are are the laid back and relaxed people. They are not easily irritated and are not very driven. Being relaxed and laid back can come in handy when taking a test or doing a presentation. Having a lot of patients is also important. But not being driven may cause problems when stuff MUST get done in a timely manner.
I personally think you can be both Type A and Type B person. Type A people have a greater risk of health problems then Type B people do.
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