Brittany Metcalfe

my personality

The Animal In Me

The animal in me is a badger. It has a small body tail with small legs to dig. They have black faces with distinctive white markings, gray bodies with a light-coloured stripe from head to tail, and dark legs with light coloured stomachs.  of eathworms, grubs, and insects and the eggs and young of ground-nesting birds

My Color About Me Is Blue

Strenghts of my color blue  working together   geting work done   agreeable     

my animal

The five things that will practically describ myself

What people see in me is that im a shy person but really im just an out going crazy weirdo. i can admit it that i can be really really crazy at points of time but most likely i am really serious when it comes to be a grown up at home watching and helping my family members. i have really bad anger problems i usually really cant keep it in all the time and plus keeping things in isn't good for you.