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New Year, New Space

Check out what's been happening at my house and can now happen at yours! Who doesn't love a good New Years purge?

How to organized with Thirty-One

Thirty-One Everyday Solutions: Rec Room

What it all? Host a Party

Looking for everyday solutions?

I consider many of these dream spaces, but with a Thirty-One party and double hostess rewards you can have this look for 1/2 the cost.


Fun Themed Party Ideas

-CLOSET CLEAN OUT ~ Each guest brings a pic of their household disaster area, prizes for the biggest mess, funniest item in the mess, funniest place in the house the mess is, etc

-CHILI BAR PARTY~ Hostess makes a crock pot of chili
Each guest who brings a topping or loaf of bread is entered into a drawing to win a prize.

-WINE TASTING~ Hostess supplies a few bottles of whites & reds to sample serves cheese, fruit and/or chocolate to compliment it.

-PJ PARTY~ prizes for the funniest, most outrageous comfiest, best slippers etc, hostess serves popcorn bar, chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate, hot toddies or Irish coffee

I would love to do these parties and make them different and fun. I hope you'll let me!

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