Crazy Comanche People

Rabah, Connor, Daniel, Phoebe


We are here to take you through the past to meet the comanche people.You will be learning about the appearance, food, customs ,traditions , shelter and location.


They have a ceremony if a person is sick.If the person dies ,the female relatives cried, tore their clothing, and cut themselves with sharp rocks and knives.


The comanche people looked very different.The men wore their hair in braids and made tatoos on themselves.The women wore their hair loose and wore long deerskin dresses.

Shelter/ location

The comanche nomads lived in the panhandle from south to western Texas.The comanche also lived in Colorado.They never had permanant homes.


 The commanche hunted buffalo, deer,wolves.elk ,and antelope.To comanche buffalo was the most important food.the comanche ate alot of meat.

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