Roman Times

By Isabella Morgan

Come by the Tiber River!

If you come by you could see and hear about the Rome Legend. This legending is about Romulus and Remus. Where they are twin brothers who were abandoned by the parents and a she wolf found and raised them. Come by the Tiber River. Hope to see you there!

Plebeian opinion about the Patricians

The Plebeians feel like the Patricians take over a lot. They feel like they should have a say in the Gov't and own some land.

Its Election Time again!!

Vote for Tyler for Senate!

Vote for Jerry for the Consul!

Vote for David for the Consul!

Vote for Taylor for Senate!

Have you Ever wanted to travel to Egypt?

Now's your chance to sign up to take a Cruise to Egypt. It is a 2 week long trip! Sign up now because spots are filling up now! Join us, Hope to see you there!

Meet by the Mediterranean Sea

Julius Caesar

Born July 100 BC and died March 15, 44 BC. He survived by his wife Cornelia Cinna minor and by his 3 kids Augustus, Caesarion, and Julia Caesarion. May he Rest in Peace. And may Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus be found for killing him

Interview of the Week (Antoninus Pius)

Isabella-When did you Become Emperor?

Pius- In July 11, 138

I-What is your biggest Achievement?

P-My biggest achievement I would say is taking public money and applying it to schools and repairing roads and harbors.

I- How many kids do u have?

p- 1 and her name is Faustina and she is married to Marcus Aurelius.

I- Well that's all the time we have today thank you for coming!

P- Thank you for having me!

Achievement of the Week-ROADS

Roads are used to get to place fast. I think in the future the roads will be a big thing. They are also helping the army get places faster to like fight and stuff like that They were made with humps so that the roads will not get flooded.

Building of the Week-The Temple Of Jupiter

It is located on top of the Capitoline Hill overlooking the forum. It is for the god Jupiter. It is in Pompeii,Rome. Come check it out. It is a beautiful Temple.

Barbarian Invasions this week

The Huns justed invaded northwest Gaul.

The Franks invaded northwest Gaul too.

The Visigoths invaded north of Spain.

That are all the invasions this week. Stay safe and stay tuned next week for more updates.

Christianity (for it or against it)

I am so for it. I think it is a wonderful believe. Also everyone should join it and meet your real God. It is so wonderful knowing the there is one God and only God looking after me. It just one of those feeling that is just so wonderful that words can not describe it. So come join Christianity it will change your life for the better. Choose Christ.