Computer Hardware!

(Inputs, Outputs, & Storage Devices)

What is Hardware?

Hardware is the physical components of a computer (the stuff that makes it work).

Inputs/ Outputs

An input is a place where (in very basic form) something is 'put' 'in!' Usually this is data on a drive (memory sticks, SD cards, CDs, microphones jacks, etc.). The data is transferred from the external devise to the computer through an input.

An output is where data goes out of a computer. This could be headsets or speakers, for example. Or display ports.

These are usually attached to the motherboard (shown below).

Storage Devices

There are many ways to store data on a computer. The storage in the computer would be a hard drive, SSD (Solid State Drive). Storage outside of the computer might be a memory sticks, CDs, external drives, SD cards, etc. These things all have memory. Memory is the place where data can be saved.

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