Juliet Capulet

Bailey Ferrara


Juliet is a beautiful young lady who is part of the Capulet family. She has olive skin and long, dark hair with piercing eyes. She is a very sheltered and quiet girl who is not very experienced. She doesn't know much about marriage or relationships until she falls in love with Romeo, the son of the Capulets enemy. By falling in such a naïve love, she is betraying her family in a way. Juliet has hardly any freedom whereas Romeo is brave and independent. Juliet pushes her limits and has an adventurous mind. She fell so in love with Romeo that she begins thinking that she would do anything for him and couldn't live without him. She pushes everyone away because she has all of her heart focused on Romeo. Her parents forbid this love and so she stabs herself in the heart with a dagger. She died for love and her fate that she thought would be a life with Romeo turned out to be a death with Romeo.


  • Juliet is actually only 13 when she falls in love with Romeo!
  • Lady Capulet wants her to get married soon so Juliet must 'try' to love a boy named Paris.
  • She has a nurse that raised her and that she is very close with.
  • The Capulets live in Verona.
  • In earlier versions of Romeo and Juliet, she was known as Giulietta.
  • She had other siblings, but she was the only one that survived.



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