Buck's Destiny

Buck is realizing he is destine to be a leader and wild dog.

John Thornton's death and Buck's calling

Breaking news, John Thornton and others have been attacked and killed by native Indians. Buck had been having urges to go into the wild, and was in the wild when the attack took place. When he found John Thornton dead he was horrified and extremely sad, and tracked down some of the indians and killed them he was so infuriated, Thornton had saved his life way back when and he wanted revenge on the indians. Once Buck got over the tragic event he realized that now he had no more strings attaching him to tame society. He could now finally be one with the wild and one with his true self. Buck became the leader to a pack of wolves in the wild and soon becomes legendary for being a leader.

Buck answers your many questions

Interviewer: Today we are joined by a very special guest, Buck the dog!

Buck: Ruff, hello everyone I am honored to be here today thank you for having me.

Interviewer: Ok Buck, so I think everyone is wondering, how has life been out in the wild leading packs?

Buck: It's been extraordinarily different than sledding, I have more freedom to do what I want and to eat how ever much I want. I also miss John Thornton but am glad to finally be out in the wild where I know I belong.

Interviewer: good for you, when did you realize you had to answer the urges calling you to the wild and calling you to your destiny?

Buck: Well, I think the moment I finally realized was the first time I ventured into the wild to stalk a moose, I felt so free and dominant controlling that moose. Making a creature that scared made me feel like for once I had power over everything, and I knew that's how I was meant to feel.

Interviewer: So why did you decide to go back to the camp where Thornton was?

Buck: I like to tell myself now that I was on my way back almost ready to give into the wild and say goodbye to John Thornton one last time.

Interviewer: Ok lets go back a little further to when you finally beat Spitz and gained the leadership that you had yearned for, how did it feel?

Buck: It felt like my life was complete, my biggest issue suddenly just vanished and was was on top again.

Interviewer: That must have been weird, one last question for you Buck, do you miss life back at the ranch?

Buck: I think about what my life used to be every now and then, but I wouldn't trade the life i'm living now for anything.

Interviewer: Ok thank you for joining me today Buck, Hope to see you again soon!

Buck: Thank you for reaching out to me, see ya!

Obituary for Curly

Curly was a considerate, sociable dog who was accepting to everyone she met. She was probably too goodhearted for the harsh life of sledding, and that is why we like to say she has left us for a better place. She will be mourned by her new friend Buck, whom she met on their journey to the north. They were both on the same train and had noticed each other when they were lonely and in dismay from being taken from the comfort of their homes without explanation. Curly was a very joy filled dog, and we are sure she had a great life wherever she used to live before having to come to the North. She died being herself, trying to befriend a husky which resulted in the husky and a dozen other dogs attacking her. She was true to herself till the end being nice to everyone and making dogs feel welcome. rest in peace Curly you were a good soul.