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The country that you should visit is Tanzania. Tanzania was voted the best country to visit in Africa for safari viewing. Tanzania is located on the east side of africa towards madagascar, it is a country that has a coast so you would be able to go to the beach at anytime. Many different types of foods are Coconut milk is a used as a thickening agent found in a large variety of dishes, as are beans and plantains. When meat is available, it might be goat, beef or pork thrown into a stew, or fried and served over rice or another grain. Sweet rolls and biscuits called "mandazi" are served at breakfast and for snacks. Peanuts, popcorn, hard candy and dried fruit are frequently consumed as snacks in cities, as are fried plantains, sweet potatoes and corn on the cob. Fruit drinks called "squash" appear at most meals, with spiced coffee and tea. You should pack a large amont of short sleved shirts, large amount of shorts and other items that keep you cool. Not many equiptment is needed. The travel costs start from 1,000- 7,000 dollars.

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Weather and Enviornment

Tanzania is just south of the equator. A tropical climate is expected, except in the high mountains (like Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru) where temperatures can get below freezing, especially at night. Along the coast it stays pretty hot and humid with heavy rainfall especially during the rainy season. The best time to visit Tanzania would be in the summer or closer to fall in like September or October.


Some animals like lions and cheetahs are considered competition and are often enemy's because they would kill for the same prey. There is very little to no human impact in the savannas in Tanzania because they want to conserve many different types of animals. In the Savanna, the acacia tree have produced long, sharp thorns and a symbiotic relationship is with stinging ants. The ants live in acacia thorns they have hollowed out, and they feed on the nectar produced by the tree. when the animals try to eat the tree the ants defend it by stinging them.

Endangered species