Beloved Belonging

Issue No. 1

An online community of women; united, empowered, confident and rooted in Him.


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Beloved Belonging has recently received a makeover. With plans to expand from a simple blog, to a website with various resources, we decided we had simply outgrown our first home.

New Domain:


I, Sydney, am so thankful and excited for the things to come. Jesus has recently really moved my heart for sharing my process of finding Him, with the people around me. So, that is the journey I'm embarking on. It's a large task, one that can be daunting at times, but I have hope that this is something I'm supposed to be doing.

Beloved Belonging started as a small blog, with only a few posts and even less viewers. As people began to connect with what I was sharing, I began receiving overwhelming positive feedback. So, things started to take off. Posts became more regular and views increased.

So, I've recently decided to completely redesign and expand BB to a fully functioning website. My plan is to have devotionals, studies, discussion boards, videos, prints, apparel, etc... The transition is slow, but progress is happening. I am so excited about this project, and hope to find Jesus' hand in every single aspect. I am so THANKFUL for your support as BB has grown.


  • Study of Abraham's Life
  • Full explanation of What We Believe
  • BB Online Store