Think Different

Made In California

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started this business in Steve Jobs's garage 1976. They made a wooden computer called the Apple 1. Our products are at a decent price for example our iPod's start at just $200. if your switching to another carrier with your new iPhone than come to the apple store.

Many Amazing products

Our CEO Tim Cook

Tim cook followed Steve's foot steps and is the CEO of the greatest company in America. Born in November 1, 1960 went to Duke university and Auburn to become the man he is today. By revolutionizing apple after Steve he is proud of the apple watch being the first product that does not have an "I" in it.

We are Apple

We want to make sure you are making the right choice when buying a phone. So you can ask at the genius bar or contact us to see if this is the right phone for you. The genius bar also helps with all your problems with your apple products. For example if your mac keeps freezing we can help. So come on to the nearest apple store in the nearest mall or we have a store everywhere.