Friday Focus

St. George Episcopal Lower School

February 1-5

  • MONDAY -
  • TUESDAY - Team Leader meeting at 7:30 a.m. in conference room (topics: Haiti, awards ceremonies, student led conferences, Valentine's day plans)
  • WEDNESDAY - Exploratory for Middle School - 4th and 5th lunch/recess schedules move up 5 minutes, Tech Meeting at 3:30 p.m. in computer room
  • THURSDAY - Science Fair in Leadership Center, Red carpool in gathering area and hall (due to Cowboy Breakfast set up)
  • FRIDAY - Cowboy Breakfast 6:45 a.m. - 8:00 a.m., Students may wear their cowboy attire or regular Friday school spirit uniform

Upcoming Dates

  • February 8 - Yvonne off campus
  • February 9 - Yvonne off campus
  • February 10 - Yvonne off campus, Happy Birthday, Teri K.!
  • February 10 - Ash Wednesday service, Exploratory for Middle School - 4th and 5th lunch/recess schedules move up 5 minutes, Happy Birthday, Teri K.!
  • February 12 - Valentine's Day Parties, End of 4th 6 Weeks, Modification letters due to Yvonne

Struggling Students?? Let's talk!

If you have students who are struggling, please make sure you are having conferences with parents. I am happy to attend any of these conferences. Please make sure you let me know about any students who are having trouble. More communication is always better than less, and keeping a record of interactions through emails and/or written notes from conferences is very wise!

You are invited to a Valentine Card making workshop!

Because we had so much fun getting together for Christmas Cookies in December, we thought we would have another teacher get together workshop. You are all invited to a Valentine Card making workshop on Tuesday, February 2, from 3:45-5:00. Julie Mogford will conduct the session and, by the end of our time together, you will each have several beautiful cards to send to your loved ones on Valentine's Day. Please come join us for a chance to relax and have a little fun. If you did not RSVP but would like to come, please send Julie an email by Monday at 3:00. The workshop will be in the library.

Reminders and Things To Be Thinking About:

  • Please let me know when you will be having your student led conferences, for those grade levels who have these.
  • CARPOOL INFORMATION - IMPORTANT: On Thursday, red carpool will be in the hallway and gathering area as the parents will be in the cafeteria decorating for Cowboy Breakfast.
  • Middle school exploratory classes will again meet on Wednesday. We need to adjust our lunch times by 5 minutes for 4th and 5th grades; 4th will go to lunch from 12:05-12:30 and 5th will go from 12:10-12:35. Specialists will need to have 5th grade ready and lined up at 12:10. Teachers please make sure your classes are in the cafeteria at the assigned times because middle school will be in at 12:15. This will only be for 2 more Wednesdays. Because 4th will be coming in at 12:05 and 2nd does not leave until 12:10, 4th grade will need to sit at the three tables closest to the stage and closest to the courtyard.
  • Classroom teachers - If you are using a specific behavior management plan with individual students, please send the specialists a note detailing the plan. Students who need this extra help also need consistency and, if we are using the same plan across all courses, it will be much more effective.
  • Please make sure that you are always keeping your doors locked.

Some Great Things I Saw This Week:

  • Special thanks go out to the JK and K teachers and the kinder assistants. After having witnessed and been a part of my first week of kinder assessments, I know how intense the week is, and I didn't have a class to keep track of at the same time! This is important work and this group really did a wonderful job of working to make sure that the newest dragons will be some of the most successful ever.
  • Thank you to Lily for covering Mimi's class so she could come for an hour and see what the assessments are all about.
  • I have sat in on many conferences with teachers and parents and I am so proud of our St. George teachers' professionalism. As you know, conferences at this time of the school year are not something most teachers look forward to because these meetings are often called to discuss difficult issues. Without exception, I have observed teachers coming to the conferences very well prepared, with examples to explain the issues they are concerned about, having been in frequent contact with the parents about the situations, ready to really listen to parents and work with them to try and work up solutions or aids for the students. I have come away from these conferences knowing that our parents have no doubts about whose side the teachers are on; it is always the student's side. Thank you.
Kids React to Valentine's Day