Final project

Hanna Richter

Why people write

I believe that people write in order to escape the world for a little bit, and write down how they are feeling without anyone bothering them. Just having some time to yourself is always a good thing to have just to think about things without the distractions. A lot of people that I know when they write they are normally writing about something that has happened to them in their life or happened to someone else, for the reader to have the same feelings and emotions they have to go in depth in the story.

What you've learned about writing

I have learned an abnormous amount of things that we haven't learned. Like learning the APA format with making papers, in-text citations, Reference page and Citations, and how to put quotes in correctly. I'm very glad we got a great teacher that has teached the whole class so much within nine months. We have all made a huge progress, we have all noticed it to.

How you've grown as a writer

I have grown like a flower when it was just planted, that is how I felt in the beginning of the year like the smallest thing ever not knowing anything. Just by step by step I have grown with the proper things that a flower needs like water and sunlight. All I need was a little bit pointing in the right direction in steps and the help of explaining made me a better writer. I used to not know how to write anything really. But now I know how to write proper, with the APA formatting.

What you've learned this year will relate to your future

This will a make me do good in high school when we are doing writing, which doing good in high school will put good on my application into collages which having good grades will make the collages want to except me. I believe that this will be good for me in my job in the future.