Schubert's Fantasia

Classical Era Composer Franz Schubert

Early Life

Franz Schubert was born in Himmelpfortgrund,Vienna, Austria

He was the fourth surviving son of Franz Theodor Schubert and Elisabeth Schubert.

Of their fourteen children, nine of them died in early childhood.

Adult Years

He was a School Master, as well as Deputy Music Director. He was described as being very shy and reluctant to share his compositions. He composed over 600 songs, his most recognized piece was Zwillingsbruder

Schubert's Fantasy in F minor for Piano Four Hands, D 940

Schubert's Fantasia

Schubert started to write the composition in January, 1828 and finished it around the March of the same year.

Schubert dedicated the work to Karoline Esterhazy, whom he loved.

The piece is composed of four movements, a fast and strong first movement, a slow meaningful second movement, a playful, fast and lively third movement, and a strong, fast final movement similar to the first.

The piece was composed for piano and published after his death in November, 1828.

The piece is performed by two pianists playing at the same time as it is a piece composed for four hands.

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