DeGolyer Details

Week of May 4 - 8, 2015

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2014-2015 DeGolyer Key Actions

1. Increase student academic achievement and close the achievement gap.

2. Increase quality use of data to drive instruction (Quality of Instruction).

3. Improve campus culture and climate.

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We appreciate each and every one of you!


Action Items

1. Climate Survey - Complete by Thursday May 7th
2. May ISIP
3. Update SLO- Post-Assessment & Goal Assesment - 4/27-5/20
4. Update PDP 4/27-5/20
5. Roster Verification - 5/11-5/29

Climate Survey Incentive Reminder!

Don't forget to complete your climate survey! Once you have taken the survey be sure to print off your confirmation of submission page. Take your printed submission to Ms. Jones and you will receive (once ordered) the following participation package: 48 Pencils, 1 Ream of paper, 4 pk of Dry Erase Markers & 1 Jeans Pass.
Remember- No one will be able to view your responses.

Upcoming Events

5-04-15 ILT 3:30

5-05-15 5th Grade Ballroom Dancing 11:00

5-05-15 SBDM 3:30

5-07-15 School Musical 7:00

5-08-15 School Musical 1:15-2:45

5-12-15 BOC 3:30

5-14-15 Game Truck 4 & 5th grade

5-18-15 ILT 3:30

5-19-15 LPAC Meeting 3:30

5-25-15 Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

6-01-15 ILT 3:30

6-02-15 SBDM 3:30

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This Week's Duty

Morning Duty: 7:30-7:45

Cones, Carpool & Crosswalk: Butler & Chavez - Martinez (7:45-8:00)

Auditorium: Byerly, Weeks, Palacios, & Cuellar

Foyer: Cederwall & Brinkman

Afternoon Crosswalk Duty

Report to Duty by 2:50 and Stay Until 3:10

Monday - K-2: Feasel 3-5: Brinkman

Tuesday - K-2: Benton 3-5: Mays/Wilke

Wednesday - K-2: Martinez 3-5: Newton

Thursday - K-2: Butler 3-5: McMillan

Friday - K-2: Dosker 3-5: Campbell

Upcoming Birthdays

Ms. Prosser - May 7th

Spectacular Staff Spotlight

  • Shout out to Mrs. Benton & Mrs. Butler for helping with the 5th grade Ballroom Dancers!
  • Thanks to Ms. McMillan and Mrs. Cederwall for working with the 5th grade re-testers!
  • Mrs. Pacioretty - Great job on being innovative and incorporating Conceptual Imagery into your after school tutoring sessions!

Teacher Appreciation Week Freebies!

Here is a link of stores that are providing teacher freebies & discounts this week!


TEI Spotlight

In this section we will focus on TEI Indicators. We will provide resources that are related to the proficient & exemplary columns.
(In the comments section at the bottom- Feel free to share ways that you maximize instructional time in your classroom!)

This week well continue working with Indicator 3.1- Maximizes Instructional Time focusing on orderly, efficient, and seamless transitions.
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3.1 Resource: "Tight Transitions" - Teach Like A Champion
(Orderly, efficient, and seamless transitions)

(If video is not showing- here is the link -
Tight Transitions - Uncommon Schools

TED Talk

Here is an entertaining and informational TED Talk about Positive Psychology and the Happiness Advantage.

"If we can find a way of becoming positive in the present- then our brains work more sucessfully. Dopemine which floods into your system when your positive, has two functions - Not only does it make you happier, it turns on all the learning centers in your brain."

Lesson Planning Resource

Do you ever find yourself looking at a TEK or SE and wonder where you can find other resources for teaching that skill? Check out Share My Lesson! It's a site that allows teachers to share great lessons!

Junior League's Grants for Innovative Teaching

Teachers can request up to $2,000 for projects to be completed from September 2015 - April 2016. Below is the link to the JLD application and guidelines for completion.
Due date is May 18th.