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Labor Omnia Vincit

Week #3 of the 4th 6 weeks: January 18-22

Habit #3: Put First Things First


Principal's Corner

Good morning! I hope that each of you enjoyed the long weekend!
This semester will go by quickly. We will need to ensure that your plan is solid in preparation for our continued acceleration to close the achievement gap. Please remember that we must work together to make the most impact for students. Please communicate with each other and help each other adjust your plans for your students. If what you are trying is not moving your students at the pace necessary then try something different. Find yourself a think partner. Someone you know can support your efforts by thinking outside of the box, looking at the student from a different perspective and/ or even a teacher from a different grade level. This semester we will focus in on how students are accelerating and our actions for intervening.
We are all here to improve the quality of education of our Blanton students!!

Please note that our grade level meetings will take place tomorrow (Wednesday, January 20th).
Have a great week of teaching and learning!



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As of Friday 1/15:

5th Grade

Math: 45 instructional days

Reading: 46 instructional days

Science: 75 instructional days

4th Grade

Writing: 45 instructional days

Math: 73 instructional days

Reading: 74 instructional days

3rd Grade

Math: 73 instructional days

Reading: 74 instructional days


Coming up this week:


STAAR Intervention Academy by Region 10

4th Writing & 5th Math/Reading Teachers


Kathryn Gilliam Collegiate Acdemy



Register through Schoolnet using the codes below:

4th Writing: 1000002877

5th Math: 1000002882

5th Reading: 1000002876


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Writer's Workshop this week

In a conversation with Mrs. Healey this week, I was reminded of why I love teaching reading. She shared a story of observing students “devouring text” while visiting a campus. Students should be excited about reading and not see it as a chore. Relevant discussions, journaling, and annotating while they read strengthens and reinforces comprehension. Being an avid reader myself, I know the joy that reading brings and how much that joy is multiplied when sharing it with others. Long before Oprah made the idea of Book Clubs famous, my students (elementary, middle school, high school, and college), were fully engaged in text through literature circles, book clubs, independent reading and the like. They couldn’t get enough! I’ve seen evidence of this in our hallways when students are SO excited about what they are reading that they are walking down the hall with an open book in their hands! How cool is that?

Happy Reading!

Dr. Garcia

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ESTAR/MSTAR Winter Screener

Dearest 2-5 Math teachers,

As you know, one of our Core Beliefs is that with our help, at risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at risk students. This is where ESTAR/MSTAR comes in, so this week during our Collaborative Planning PLC we will discuss the Winter Screener results. Through the analysis we will decide the best Diagnostics for our scholars using the Decision-Making Tree. Hopefully by the day that we meet, your students will have finished the Winter Screener. Once we have identified the Diagnostic appropriate for our tier 3A & 3B students, we will be able to see what lessons would be the highest leverage for them to be algebra ready.

All of us are commitment to children and to the pursuit of excellence, which makes our PLC easier a great opportunity to share instructional experiences that work, analyze our instructional practice and adjust it to better serve our scholars. If time allows, our agenda will also include:

  • Reviewing the LOs/DOLs for Week #4
  • Analyze questions stems on Student Expectations Handbook, Semester 2 (for grades 3-5) that you received during our Carnegie Learning Academy on 1/9. Through the analysis of the question stems, we will reflect on our LOs/DOLs and our instructional practices for the upcoming week, to make sure we are aligned to the level of rigor on STAAR.
  • Go over how to explain the lessons (essential knowledge we can our students to grasp) and what activities we could use during class.

With the purpose to better serve you, and provide you with feedback that helps you improve the quality of instruction, I will ask you on that day to fill out a small survey to get an insight of what you consider to be your strengths and areas of growth. As well, what Professional Development you would like to get that help you improve instruction, your level of comfort with me recording you using TORSH, and what type of feedback you prefer after I come in and observe your practice.

Have a great long-weekend & see you on Tuesday refreshed! :)



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We celebrate the GREATNESS in you!!

  • Congratulations Mrs. Barcenas on being accepted into the Doctoral Program in education at Texas A & M Commerce!
  • "For real this week I stuck to my nutritional plan & made it to the gym three days!!! Jajaja :)" - Ms. Iwasko

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