The Ordovician Period

Major events

  1. Warm, shallow seas covered much of Earth. Ice cap covers what is now North Africa.


  1. The early Ordovician was thought to be quite warm, at least in the tropics. There were extensive reef complexes in the tropics and it is the bottom off the ocean.

Organisms Living Thing and Animals and Plants

  1. Fossils with a tooth like appearance found in sequences of shale, limestone, sandstone. The appearance of coral fossils during this time, continues to be dominated by algae and sponges.


Nearly all life on earth was in the ocean. Insects did not yet exist, nor did amphibians or reptiles. Fish as we know them did not exist. Notice that many of today’s continents were covered by shallow seas.

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Main Things Travelers Might Like To See

They met be able to see fossils and jawless fish. You met see Brachiopod and Cephalopod. You met go swimming in the ocean. You could find animals in the ocean like jawless fish and sponges. You could find plants in the water.

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What Dangers Might Travelers Face

They might face a sea snake. Or they might face a stingray. They also might face a shark. They could face a great white shark. They might ever face a jellyfish. They might also even face a snapping turtle. They could face a crab.

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Travelers Pack For Comfort and Safety

If you go back in time you might need boots. They might need a wetsuit. They will need a mask and a snorkle. They will defile need a tank. They well also need fins. They need gloves. They need a computer.